New York Times Published Photog Cheers Muslim Babykilling Terrorist

The media keeps talking about Trump's "dog whistles". Meanwhile they ignore the murderous shrieks of hate coming from inside their industry. And the ongoing support for the murder of Jews of any gender and age. Even babies.

A Pulitzer-nominated photographer whose work has been published in The New York Times and Time Magazine posted support for terrorism on his social media, i24NEWS has discovered.

Wissam Nassar posted pictures of the suspected terrorists behind the Barkan Industrial Estate and Ofra shooting attacks on Instagram, adding the text: “A sad morning that carries with it pride with the martyrs, and honor in resistance. ‘If you lost the way, follow the martyrs’.”

Palestinians Salih Omar Barghouti and Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alwa were killed in IDF manhunts on the night of 12 December. Barghouti was suspected of being part of a terror cell that committed the drive-by shooting outside the West Bank settlement of Ofra on the night of 9 December. The cell injured seven people, shooting a seven-months pregnant woman in the stomach—and forcing doctors to prematurely deliver the baby, who died three days later.

In 2015, Nassar was named a finalist in the Breaking News Photography category of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize “for capturing key moments in the human struggle in Gaza and providing a fresh take on a long, bloody conflict.” Time Magazine has run a feature on his work.

And they'll go right on ignoring the issue.

The same people who keep hearing dog whistles can't hear calls from their colleagues for the murder of Jews.