Dem Loser of Most Expensive Congressional Election of Last Year Wants to Run for Senate

If at first you don't succeed, you should absolutely waste a whole lot more of other people's money trying again.

At least that's Jon Ossoff's philosophy.


Oh that guy who wasted $31 million last year to lose to Karen Handel in Georgia. And ran based on his Kennedyesque (if you're drunk and confused) looks and lefty millennial appeal. (No, we're not talking Beto here.)

Now he's back.

Ossoff strikes populist tone as he mulls Senate bid 

Ossoff couldn't strike a populist note with a wheelbarrow of whiskey and cash.

And so Ossoff’s town hall meeting in rural northeast Georgia took on special significance as a chance to test his appeal to an unfamiliar crowd. And he unveiled an urgent, populist message railing against the corporate influence in politics and a national economy “built on debt and consumption.” 

Jon plays in rural Georgia about as well as Obama does. Also Elizabeth Warren called and wants her stump speech back.

“There’s more and more cynical politics. Student debt is skyrocketing. We’re still maintaining this unfathomably large empire that costs trillions of dollars,” said Ossoff. “We’re doing nothing for crumbling infrastructure at home. And we wonder why there’s so much anger.”

That's Ossoff's anger.

The meeting drew about 100 people, many from a sweep of other deeply-conservative neighboring areas where Democrat Stacey Abrams struggled to crack 15 percent of the vote in November’s race for governor. Organizers said it was the most young people the county party had ever attracted.

Need I say more.

Bring on another $31 million.