Fake Republican Becomes Democrat, Discovers "Caring"

The rate of fake Republicans announcing they're Democrats will leave the GOP with a drastic shortage of real fake Republicans. The loss is catastrophic, as this unintentionally hilarious Kurt Bardella about his first year as a Democrat, shows.

 My first year as a Democrat has given me an appreciation of the gulf between the world views of Republicans and Democrats. Even how we digest and process information is so different. In the decade I spent working in Republican politics here in Washington, I don’t think I ever heard climate change come up as a serious topic of social conversation

Or religious freedom among Democrats. But fake problems matter more than basic civil rights.

Shocking as it may be to learn, Republicans do not sit around and talk about the environment. As a Democrat, I feel like this topic is a consistent focal point of social conversations. In fact, I’ve found the same thing to be true about gun-law reform, racial inequality, social injustice and sexism. As a Republican, I just never talked about these things, but as a Democrat, I talk about them all the time.

Fake Republican shockingly realizes that Republicans don't talk about lefty agendas. Film at 11.

I’ll tell you, being a Democrat is a heck of a lot more emotionally exhausting than being a Republican was, because I care about a lot more things than I used to.


Being an actual Dem, as opposed to a fake Republican, means you actually care about things. Real Republicans care about things like religious freedom, national security, taxpayer civil rights and government reform.

It’s funny, because I remember as a Republican, we would often mock “bleeding-heart liberals” who are always “caring” so much. I think to myself now, what the hell is wrong with these Republicans who don’t seem to care about anything at all?

This is what happens when you're a fake Republican. You don't care about anything, and you think it's because you're a Republican, rather than a fake Republican.

On a personal level, one of the biggest changes for me has been how I view issues of race. I’ve spent the bulk of my life avoiding race. My first name is German, my last name is Italian and I was born in Seoul, South Korea — I’m adopted.

Now that Kurt is a Dem, he's learned the power of identity politics.

I’ve spent the bulk of my life rejecting my Asian-American heritage. Quite frankly, as a Republican, this was very easy to do. The Republican Party’s attitude toward anyone who isn’t white speaks for itself. Why would I want to even pursue an association as a “minority” in a political party that spouts hateful rhetoric about minorities and pushes policies that discriminate against anyone who isn’t white? 

Because you know, the GOP spends the bulk of its time pushing policies that discriminate against Koreans. I'm not sure what those are. But Kurt now lives in the party of identity politics. And you've gotta howl with the wolves. And be an oppressed minority.