German Mosque Founded by ISIS Education Minister Raided by Cops

Why is there a mosque in Germany founded by a top ISIS figure? 

Europe is pockmarked with Jihadist mosques. These are factories for turning out terrorists and arranging support for them. And nothing is done about them. The same systems that can lock up a man for tweeting negatively about Islam, claims that it's helpless to act.

Here's the latest raid on an alleged Jihadi mosque. This time in Germany.

Police raided a mosque and several other buildings in Berlin on Tuesday morning in an operation into suspected terrorism financing, prosecutors said.

State criminal police, intelligence officers as well as special police forces took part in the raids, which included the As-Sahaba mosque in the Berlin neighborhood of Wedding.

One of the main suspects was identified as Ahmad A., an imam at the mosque who preaches under the name of Abul Baraa.

The mosque was founded in 2010 by the German-Egyptian Islamist Reda Seyam, who is accused of taking part in a terror attack in Bali, according to the paper. He later left Germany to travel to Syria to become the "education minister" for the militant "Islamic State" (IS) group.

Meanwhile why was the ISIS leader in Germany? Because Germany had originally protected him from the United States.

Die Zeit weekly said German police accompanied Reda Seyam, who is of Egyptian origin, back to Germany from Indonesia after he was interrogated by the US Central Intelligence Agency in Jakarta, to prevent further questioning by the US intelligence services.

"Berlin asked us to take special care to avoid that Seyam is not apprehended in the transit zone of Singapore airport," a German police source is quoted as telling Die Zeit, according to an advance extract of the report published on Tuesday. "It does not matter to the Americans that somebody is German or whether sovereignty is violated. They are like rabid dogs," the source added. 

Who are the real rabid dogs here?

This predated Merkel. This was the Schroeder era. And Schroeder made Merkel look like Donald Rumsfeld.