Bernie Sanders Campaign Blames "White Men" for Sexual Harassment by Latino Men

Years later, the media is suddenly willing to touch stories on sexual harassment in the Bernie Sanders campaign, after ignoring them when they first came out. And the Sanders campaign is blaming the usual boogeyman, white men.

The New York Times reports accusations of sexism within Sanders organization are hanging over the Vermont socialist's prospects of running for the White House again.

The chief problem, according to Sanders's former campaign manager Jeff Weaver, was there were too many white men working on the campaign.

Weaver "expressed regret for some of the operation's shortcomings," according to the Times.

"Was it too male? Yes. Was it too white? Yes," said Weaver, who is still a top adviser to Sanders.

The leading complaints of sexual harassment, as I documented last year, were against the head of Bernie's Latino Outreach.

The floodgates opened when it was revealed that six senior staffers from the Bernie campaign had complained about Carmona’s behavior.  Instead of disciplining him, the Sanders campaign promoted their Latino Outreach man even higher in the campaign. The scandalous revelations soon dragged in Rich Pelletier, Bernie’s national field director, who was accused of covering up for Carmona.

One of Bernie’s best bets seemed to be Arturo Carmona. Carmona had headed up Latino Outreach for Bernie and then served as his deputy political director. California's 34th Congressional District was suddenly wide open with a special election to replace Congressman Xavier Becerra. Sanders had beaten Hillary there and Latino Decisions had suggested that Carmona was ahead because of the Bernie magic.

With Jimmy Gomez as the establishment choice, Sandernistas touted Carmona as carrying forward Bernie’s revolution. Carmona assembled a six figure war chest and the backing of left-wing celebs associated with Bernie Sanders. George Lopez and Danny Glover both came out for Carmona.

More of that white supremacy.

A former campaign aide to Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential bid who allegedly made light of a sexual harassment complaint from a female staffer is set to begin a new job Thursday as chief of staff to incoming Democratic Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, D-Ill.

Bill Velazquez was a manager on Sanders’ Latino outreach team in 2016. According to a story published Wednesday by The New York Times, when campaign strategist Giulianna Di Lauro told Velazquez she had been sexually harassed by a Mexican game show host who was serving as a Sanders campaign surrogate, Velazquez responded by laughing and telling her, “I bet you would have liked it if he were younger.

The game show host, Marco Antonio Regil, apologized through a spokesman to the Times for “any behavior on my part that could’ve made anyone feel uncomfortable.”

Someone really needs to do something about all those "white men".

But Weaver, like all good progs, knows that you can't go wrong pandering to prog prejudices.