Netflix's Punisher is a Lefty Fantasy About Killing Conservatives

Marvel's The Punisher started life as a very obvious fantasy about vigilantes killing criminals. What one might call, a conservative fantasy. Such fantasies have since been nearly eliminated from popular culture as entertainment was consolidated to push lefty political and cultural messages 24/7. The controversy over the terrible Death Wish remake is a reminder of the utter frenzy the cultural establishment gets into when it suspects a cultural product of sending the wrong political messages.

Netflix's The Punisher series decided to make it a lefty fantasy about killing lefty enemies, military types and now an "alt-right" "Christian fundamentalist". Never mind that the two things are pretty much diametrical opposites. But lefties don't bother knowing anything about the people whom they demonize.

A fundamental difference here though is that the original concept of The Punisher was a fantasy about killing criminals, the new concept is a lefty fantasy about killing conservatives.

A good reminder that the Left is a murderous movement that targets people for violence for ideological reasons. And uses cultural propaganda to justify its murderous impulses.