Pelosi and the Dems Can't Compromise on Pathway to Demographic Majority

President Trump floated a partial trial balloon compromise on illegal aliens in his speech. Others have been floating a more comprehensive deal, trading illegal alien amnesty for wall funding.

But Speaker Pelosi has remained quite hostile to the idea of any compromise.

There are two reasons for that.

1. The Dem surge has been funded by lefty anger. A compromise that gives Trump a wall would end her career prematurely and mean that piles of cash will move over to the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

...but the bigger issue is that...

2. Trump's offer of temporary deferment for a wall is a terrible deal if you're a Dem whose entire political future is built on the demographics of illegal migration. But even full amnesty would be a bad deal because anything that cuts off the demographic pathway to a permanent Democratic majority is just too dangerous.

Legalizing illegal aliens here now would be a huge blow. But the Dems do best with first generation immigrants. Their numbers drop with second and third generation immigrants.

That means that Democrats don't just need to legalize X amount of illegals today. They need a steady and continuing flow.of illegal aliens for their demographic strategy to fully work.

The wall is a threat to those plans. And so they can't and won't compromise on it.