Media Admits Women's March Hate Rallies Draw Smaller Crowds Across the Country

Nationwide hate rallies by the anti-Semitic Women's March suffered a depressed turnout over controversial comments by its hateful leadership. Media puff pieces struggled to reframe the rallies as being more passionate, despite their reduced size.

But the headlines tell the story.

Smaller Crowds Turn Out for Third Annual Women’s March Events - New York Times

Broomfield Women's March sees smaller crowd - Boulder Daily Camera

Small but spirited Women’s March crowd weathers snow, controversy - Chicago Sun Times

Women’s march in Rockford hosts diverse group of speakers but smaller crowd - Rockford Register Star

Colorado Springs Womxn's March draws smaller crowd with message of unity - Colorado Gazette

Minnesota  Women’s March draws smaller, yet fiery crowd -  St Paul's Pioneer Press

Seattle Womxn’s March draws thousands, but turnout more modest than in years past - Seattle Times

Small but spirited crowd takes to wet streets for 2019 Memphis Women's March - Commercial Appeal

Two things.

1. The similarity of these headlines once again demonstrate that the media is a coordinated political messaging machine, no different from the PR departments of corporations, and does not engage in journalism. Responding to the drop in turnout, the media is putting the best possible spin on the situation.

2. Attendance at the hate rallies has unquestionably dropped. And some of the counter-rallies had larger attendance than the hate rallies.