Lefty Crybullies Freak Out Over Ghostbuster Sequel

Remember when the media couldn't stop running stories claiming that all the horrible people on the internet were upset over a Ghostbusters reboot that jettisoned the popular characters of the previous two movies for an ill-fated all-female cast ordered by the former disgraced Sony boss?

Now the media is running stories freaking out over a sequel to the original two movies. And praising its own freak out.

In response to the news that Jason Reitman's new Ghostbusters project will continue the story that began with Ivan Reitman's 1984 original and its 1989 sequel — and ignore the female reboot from director Paul Feig in 2016 — 

As opposed to ignoring the original popular two movies?

Leslie Jones, a castmember from the latter, has voiced her disappointment on social media. 

Jones voices her disappointment the way that ISIS voices its displeasure with gay people.

The comedian on Saturday took to Twitter in a post that said, "So insulting. Like fuck us. We dint count. It’s like something trump would do. (Trump voice) ”Gonna redo ghostbusteeeeers, better with men, will be huge. Those women ain’t ghostbusteeeeers” ugh so annoying. Such a dick move. And I don’t give fuck I’m saying something!!"

Comedian should be in "quotes". Also it's Trump's fault.

The media either runs stories freaking out about pop culture not going the proper identity politics route or stories claiming that the people it hates are freaking out over too much identity politics in movies.

Not that it matters much as the only people watching the movies are in China.