Kamala Harris Tries to be Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Fails Miserably

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a narcissistic millennial lefty whose only skill is drama. That's a skill that seems easy, but the trick to it is that Ocasio Cortez, despite lying about her entire background, is authentic. Not in the factual sense, but in the emotional sense.

And that's the thing people connect to.

When other Dems try to be Cortez, they fail, much as Republicans who try to play Trump tend to fail.

And this attempt by Senator Kamala Harris to be Cortez is up there with Hillary's abuela and hot sauce moments.

Lily Adams, the communications director for Sen. Kamala Harris (D), posted a short video of the California lawmaker dancing to rapper Cardi B in her office on Tuesday. 

Adams posted the short video to Twitter with the caption, "When we get tired of speech prep there's only one thing to do...". The video shows Harris smiling and dancing to Cardi B's "I Like It."

The video comes a day after Harris announced that she would run for president in 2020. In the day since she announced her bid, Harris has raised $1.5 million for her campaign. 

It's a nakedly desperate effort at social media traction and an attempt to make a campaign catch fire that couldn't catch fire if you poured napalm on it.

Harris is boring. She's not Obama. And she's not anybody interesting either. 

Making yourself interesting is a skill. And while shamelessness is one ingredient, it's not the only one, or every politician could do it.

This is, "Hello, Fellow Kids" stuff and will be seen that way.