Cameroon Migrant Accused of Anti-Semitic Attack in Germany

There are few details, but Cameroon does have a sizable Muslim population.

According to accounts of the story, a 26-year-old migrant from Cameroon had attacked an elderly Orthodox Jewish man, described in some outlets as a Rabbi who appeared to be about 80. The migrant used the term, "Jude" or "Jew" as a slur.

Most people on the train platform ignored the altercation, but a local German man intervened and was assaulted by the migrant.

According to Ralf Ströher, press officer of the Federal Police Frankfurt, the 26-year-old is a man from a migrant background. He had loudly insulted the approximately 80-year-old Jew on the platform around 2:20 pm. The 48-year-old German told him that he should leave the man alone, pulled out his cell phone, took a picture and called the police. 

But the 26-year-old did not stop, pushed the rabbi, pushed him to the ground and fled.

 "That nobody says or intervenes makes me stunned. There were 15, 20 people who looked away. There are two shops on the platform. Nobody can tell me that nobody noticed anything ", criticizes the 48-year-old. He does not want to name his name publicly, so he wants to protect his family.

On platform 1, a 26-year-old man from Langen insulted an approximately 80-year-old man and used the word Jude as a dirty word, according to the 48-year-old. "It was so loud that I heard it from about 50 meters on platform 3," he says. But no one on platform 1 intervened. "The people there looked at their phone or looked away. It makes me stunned that nobody says anything or even helps the man. I'm disappointed."

For the 48-year-old, it was obvious to help. Together with a woman he shouted from platform 3 that the 26-year-old should leave the man alone. He also called the police and took a picture with his cell phone. "Of course I did not want to put that on the Internet, but it was for the preservation of evidence," he explains.

The consequences of the attack are fatal: fractures of the zygomatic bone and metacarpals, abrasions on the hands and hematomas on the face. In the coming week he is operated on, gets a titanium plate used. "The pain I have is not physical, I'm in pain because nobody intervenes. Nobody helped me, even though there were people around. "

The migrant apparently already had a record of previous attacks, but not against Jews.

No names have as of yet have been made public. That's not atypical in Europe. But it makes reporting on the story very difficult.