The David Horowitz Freedom Center Fights Back Against Smears in Op-Ed

When Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem proposed a code of ethics for Arizona teachers, local media coverage attempted to link it to the Freedom Center and to smear David Horowitz as a "white extremist" in order to suppress any meaningful debate about the code of ethics.

The Freedom Center fought back with this op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star asking some tough questions about our critics.

An op-ed in the Arizona Republic by E.J. Montini claims that HB 2002 has a “racist origin” and accuses us of “racist overtones,” but can’t even correctly spell Horowitz’s name.

“It is not difficult to figure out where Horwitz is coming from,” Montini wrote.

It isn’t. But the people misrepresenting his views can’t even bother getting his name right.

And it asks some serious questions about opposition to the code of ethics.

HB 2002 also warns against segregating or scapegoating by race.

It’s sad that 64 years after Brown v. Board of Education, there’s actual support for racial segregation and scapegoating in the classroom.

Can anyone opposing a call not to “segregate students according to race” really be liberal?

You can read the entire op-ed at the Arizona Daily Star site.