The Washington Post Gets Caught Covering Up 2 Dem Political Scandals in 1 Week

It's been a bad week for Virginia Dems and for Elizabeth Warren. But it's also been a bad week for the Washington Post, which got caught up in two cover ups.

Once the Virginia scandal dragged in its Lt. Gov, he decided to try and use the Washington Post's suppression of his sexual assault scandal as an alibi. The Washington Post cautiously backed away from Fairfax, but in the process revealed that, unlike previous sexual misconduct accusations it had published against Republicans, it had sat on the Fairfax sexual assault story.

That's unsurprising, but bad enough.

But then the Washington Post decided to allow Senator Elizabeth Warren to use it to run a pre-SOTU piece apologizing for falsely claiming to be an American Indian. And revealing that she had falsely claimed to be American Indian to the Texas bar.

What would ordinarily have been a major story, instead became a carefully targeted revelation buried under the wheels of a much bigger news cycle. It was cunningly calculated and deeply dishonest because it was meant to get past the scandal at a time when it would have no media oxygen.

Both the Fairfax and Sanders stories are a reminder that the Washington Post is a messaging operation of the Democrats. And that its journalism is just opposition research aimed at destroying Republicans and protecting Democrats.