James Comey Really Desperate to Extend His 15 Minutes w/Blackface Lecture

I was driving by a theater in Los Angeles and saw a sign advertising an appearance by James Comey. The only thing that seemed worse was an appearance by Bill and Hillary doing their dinner theater routine.

But at least Bill and Hillary did noteworthy thing. The only story Comey has involves being fired by Trump. And you can only eat out on that one for so long.

And Jimbo is getting kinda desperate to extend his 15 minutes. 

So who's up for a blackface lecture about white oppression from the whitest guy in the FBI?

"Blackface is a tool of white oppression. There are many more towering over us," is an op-ed James Comey wrote while sipping a latte at Starbucks.

"White people designed blackface to keep black people down, to intimidate, mock and stereotype," writes the new critical race theory grad.

"A river of oppression runs through U.S. history, deep and wide, down to today," rambles Comey in a desperate search for metaphors and relevance. 

Then there's a call for removing all the Confederate statues and replacing them with statues of James Comey wiretapping Republicans.

For America. Also for another speaking tour.