Never Trumper Writes Op-Ed Pleading w/Dems to Let Her Vote for Them

There should be a name for this genre. And readers are invited to come up with one.

It's when a pseudo-Republican officially joins the Democrats, realizes that they're a bunch of Communists, and then starts pleading with them to be more moderate in order to defeat the Republicans. Examples include Comey and Max Boot. And now Liz Mair.

Mair was one of those repulsive GOP establishment figures opposed to everything conservative who defected in the Trump era.

Now she's either looking to join an imaginary Weld 2020 campaign or the Klobuchar 2020 campaign. Or something. In this Times op-ed.

William Weld has offered a glimmer of hope to disillusioned conservatives. But many Republicans once opposed to Trump are jumping on the president’s 2020 

Weld is about as conservative as Obama. Slightly less so.

He crashed and burned during the Clinton administration. He took the no. 2 spot in the 2016 libertarian punch line campaign of Drugs-for-All. Backing him is even more desperate than Kristol trying to run David French and then taking money from Pierre Omidyar.

And that's saying something.

Anyway, Mair doesn't really believe that Weld will do anything. Except feed ducks by a pond. This is really a pitch to Dems.

For the Democratic Party to have its best shot at retaking the White House, by grabbing not just swing voters in places like the Midwest but also some disillusioned Republican voters wherever it can, perhaps helping it win somewhere like Arizona, it needs to nominate someone at least perceived as more moderate than your average House Democrat and more levelheaded than the hate-tweet-happy Mr. Trump. It probably means its safest choice is Joe Biden, or if he doesn’t run, maybe Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., or Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana.

If the Democratic Party can play it smart like that, NeverTrumpers might count for something this election cycle. But if it doesn’t, we will most likely carry on as the political version of the West African black rhino — active and occasionally visible until it dies off altogether or is permanently integrated into another subspecies in American political life.

The Democrat Party.

Except the Dems aren't interested in moderation. They want extremists. Which leaves Mair, Boot and other defectors with the option to either become lefty extremists or maintain a Rubinesque half-life as a fifth column that no conservative buys as one of their own.