Is the Con Effort to Make Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the Face of the Dems Working?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the beneficiary of more unearned privilege than the entire British royal family. 

Her "accomplishments" were handed to her by other people, whether it's the DSA or conservatives who helped make her famous, hoping that she would become the face of the Democrat Party.

The strategy has worked. But has it succeeded?

A New Gallup poll shows that La Cortez is unpopular with most Americans, that is to say Republicans and Independents, but quite popular with un-Americans, that is to say, Democrats.

She's popular with millennials and non-white voters, unpopular with everybody else.

In other words, she's a polarizing extremist figure and the Dems have become her captives. 

The problem with any political strategy is that knives cut multiple ways. Cortez has become the face of the Dems and she's inflicting damage on them. But the damage consists of moving her party and the country further to the Left.

A battle has been won. The war, as always, is a more complex issue.