Bobby O'Rourke Too White Male to Run as a Dem 2020er

Lately, Politico has functioned as a spite engine for Elizabeth Warren's supporters, sour feminists with faces like rusted hatchets and hearts so fossilized that they have literally turned to stone and when struck will ring like a bell and recite passages from Erica Jong.

This, "The enthusiasm for Beto O'Rouke is so sexist that I can't even" piece from Politico is such a Warrenesque whine that I can't even

‘Not one woman got that kind of coverage’: Beto backlash begins

Since announcing her 2020 run, Elizabeth Warren has dispensed three major policy proposals, held 30 campaign events and visited nearly a dozen states.

Since announcing his 2020 run, Beto O’Rourke has made one visit to Iowa, where he vaguely outlined his positions,including from atop a cafe counter.

Guess who’s getting the star treatment.

Oh come on Liz. You've gotten plenty of star treatment during your fake DNA rollout.

Funny how Politico leaves out the defining moment of the Warren candidacy.

Anyway, I don't recall any of the male candidates under 100 getting the same level of attention as Hillary Clinton last go round. Some politicians are just more interesting than others.

I wouldn't really count Bobby in that group, but compared to Warren, a sour lemon who couldn't inspire a room of small children high on sugar, he's Oscar worthy.

The breathless, sweeps-like cable television coverage that greeted the former Texas congressman’s first campaign events stunned and frustrated many Democratic operatives — particularly women — who viewed it as an example of the double standard at work in the historically diverse presidential field.

Politics is driven by charisma. Bobby has about 2 ML. Liz has 0.000 nanograms. 

It's not fair. The next frontier for socialism can be redistributing personality. Harrison Bergeron, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

To them, O’Rourke, a white, male candidate had already been ordained the next sensation, his entry into the race greased by live television shots and O’Rourke-centric panels.

And that was after the national press swarmed him in El Paso during a recent Donald Trump appearance there, after O’Rourke graced the latest Vanity Fair cover, and after Oprah Winfrey, who had her choice of accomplished women candidates to feature on her program, instead zeroed in on the white guy from Texas.

Oprah must be racist. And sexist.

“I feel like the media is always captivated by the person they seem to think is a phenom: Bernie. Trump. Beto. But they always seem to be white men who are phenoms. In a year where we have more choices than ever, more women and more persons of color than ever, none of them seem to be deemed a phenom,” said Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic political consultant.

“It’s a replay of Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. Instead, it’s Beto O’Rourke in the Bernie Sanders role, to the detriment of every woman running. Not one woman got that kind of coverage. Not one. Not Kamala. Not Kirsten. Not Elizabeth Warren. Not Amy Klobuchar in a blizzard.”

“So what have we learned?” Marsh continued. “Nothing.”

Who has learned what?

Can we pass a law mandating that people be more interested in Warren or Kamala Harris? 

And unlike O’Rourke, who rocketed to stardom last year as he raised a record-breaking $80 million in his unexpectedly close defeat to Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, all of them had won their last election.

Kamala Harris won an election against another Dem in one-party California.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Warren all won elections in blue states. A Dem coming close in Texas is a lot more impressive than Kamala sleeping her way to the top and then sleepwalking against a racist fellow Dem.

Then again, she was sleeping with Willie Brown. That's pretty impressive fortitude. Clearly Kamala is willing to do anything.

Maybe if more reporters asked her about that, people would be more interested?

Or ask her to pronounce Salt n Pepa?

Frustrations over the hyper-coverage of O’Rourke began to build on the eve of his campaign rollout, when Vanity Fair published its April edition online featuring photos taken by the renowned Annie Leibovitz. On the cover stood O’Rourke in blue jeans on a dusty Texas road with a headline declaring: “Beto’s Choice: I want to be in it. Man, I’m just born to be in it.”

Annie Leibovitz is also sexist.

“A woman could never say ‘I was born to do this.’ But you know what? I think that some women were and it pains me that a woman couldn’t get away with saying that,” Sefl said.

Hillary Clinton, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

But Warren, for example, was initially greeted in Iowa by crowds that stretched for several blocks in Des Moines yet her visit wasn’t carried live as some outlets carried O’Rourke’s on Thursday.

CNN didn't want to put everybody to sleep?

When i want to take a nap, I put on Warren's fieriest speech and I'm out like a light.

Democratic pollster and strategist Celinda Lake argued that it wasn’t just O’Rourke who was getting special treatment — she says there’s a broader gender imbalance at play. When it comes to substance, she said the women running have fielded more questions on their records and have received the brunt of negative stories to date.

Klobuchar has been hit with tough stories about her treatment of staff while Gillibrand has faced questions about the handling of a sexual harassment complaint in her office. Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has been sharply scrutinized for her position on Syria and her comments about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. And Warren has been besieged by stories about her past claims of having Native American heritage.

If only Bobby had claimed to be Cherokee or visited Assad.