The Only People Who Care About McCain are in Washington D.C.

I spent an hour as a captive audience earlier this week listening to MSNBC's dimmest and dumbest fulmination over the insults to McCain. This major news story was chewed over by Chris Matthews, then by Chris Hayes and then by whatever 'Chrises' can be found at MSNBC.

Here's a cold, hard fact.

About the only people who care about this story are in Washington D.C. and, by extension New York City.

The same Dem hacks waxing indignant about this non-story were calling McCain a Nazi back when he was running against Obama. If he were to rise from the dead to run against a Democrat, he would be a Nazi again.

This false piety delivered in bad faith is tiresome even to someone whose job it is to follow it. I can only imagine how tiresome it is to the average American.

This isn't about McCain. It's a blatant effort to split off more liberal Republicans from the GOP under the pretext of caring about McCain.

It isn't news, in any meaningful sense. But there's very little news in the news. Just personality theater masquerading as news.