Anti-Israel Foreign Policy Experts Desperately FUD Trump's Golan Move

How are the anti-Israel foreign policy unrealists responding to President Trump's Golan move.

In Politico, Ilan Goldenberg and Tamara Cofman Wittes, two representatives of that repulsive species, try to manufacture Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt out of absolutely nothing.

How miserable is their argument?

They're reduced to actually claiming that by hurting Assad, Trump will offend Arab countries so badly that they will refuse to cooperate against Iran.

This has as much to do with reality in the Middle East as the ravings of a street corner schizophrenic in Berkeley.

Arab countries hate Assad and have spent a fortune to overthrow him because they see him as an Iranian proxy. Now that Assad has effectively won, recognizing Israel's control over the Golan Heights sends a message that Iran will not be allowed to claim its trophy.

Iran and Hezbollah, too, get a windfall: With Israel’s occupation of the Golan now sanctified by the “Great Satan,” they will claim more justification for terrorism and other military operations against Israel -- and it will be harder for the Arab states to back Washington in opposing them.

This makes no sense at all.

Arab countries oppose Iran and Hezbollah for regional reasons. Iran and Hezbollah don't need new justifications for terrorism. And they are currently more hated in the Arab world than Israel.

And the Golan Heights' Druze population deprives them of a good propaganda tool.

Israel has been managing a very delicate situation in Syria, winning limited Russian acquiescence for Israeli strikes designed to prevent Iranian entrenchment and weapons transfers to Hezbollah. Trump’s Golan gift to Netanyahu does not come with any additional military backup for Israel in handling its problems to the north, and may even prompt the Russians, under pressure from Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah, to seize this opportunity to further constrain Israel’s freedom of action in Syrian skies.

Russia's position on Israeli air strikes has nothing to do with the Golan Heights and everything to do with its own capabilities and desire to weaken Iran while maintaining its position in Syria.

This is frantic arm-waving by "experts" who are desperately trying to invent problems where there are none.