The Mueller Circus is Over, Long Live the Mueller Circus

The Mueller circus cost the taxpayers millions. But it made the media ten times that more.

The fortunes that the Washington Post and the New York Times made on Mueller leaks and conspiracy theories are priceless. The Mueller report with its inevitable lies, smears and assaults from the Obama/Clinton team behind the grim face of Robert Mueller is in.

The media won't leave it there.

After running through the entire process of making the report public which, one way or another, it will be, it will fasten on the various state investigations targeting Trump, his family members, his associates and anyone who ever met him since 1989.

These investigations will vie for status. Some will employ former Mueller coup members. They will be used by the Democrats running them to fundraise, in violation of all political norms and ethics, bringing us that much closer to a proper Roman circus.

The three goals of all this are simple.

1. Keep the media happy and profitable

2. Undermine President Trump and prevent him from implementing reforms.

3. Punish the voting public for electing Trump

Never underestimate the power of the swamp's spite. Much of this is about self-defense. The more Trump is investigated, the less he can investigate, reform or implement changes to the swamp. But plenty of it is about malice and spite. Culture wars are built on tribal rage.

That's what the "resistance" has always been about.