Elizabeth Warren Was Never a Conservative

There's a Politico piece making the rounds about Senator Elizabeth Warren's "conservative" past. What it tells us though, is the opposite of the story it's pretending to tell.

The Politico narrative is that Warren, a registered Republican for a while, was a conservative as a professor, until she realized that Republican free market rhetoric was destroying people's lives.

It's nonsense.

Warren is not, despite her best efforts, an ideologue. She's an opportunist. She has no real politics, just aspirations. The same woman who would boldly lie about being an American Indian (and then lie about the lie) has no principles or standards.

Elizabeth Warren has always done what was good for her career. At a particular time, that meant making free market arguments. She didn't do this because she believed in them. Or in much of anything. The Politico article is a snapshot of someone who doesn't care about politics. Warren and her admirers would like you to think that she cares about people. But there's no sign of that whatsoever. Considering her role in the Travelers asbestos case, she's certainly no human rights activist. Instead she always has eyes on the prize.

There was a time when she thought that her golden ticket was liberal Republican free marketeerism. And maybe it was. This was, as Politico notes, a time when money was being handed out to help push conservative economic ideas at universities. But the big money was in pushing leftist economics. That's what made Warren a celebrity. It's why she's making the opposite of the arguments that she used to make.

Warren has always been a less interesting version of Hillary. That includes the dishonesty and the ambition. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren already proved that she will say anything to get ahead. She was never a conservative. But playing along with conservatives is no stretch for a white woman who could baldly claim to be an American Indian. She was always a Warrenist.