Social Media Purge Reaches David Horowitz

UPDATE: The account has been reinstated.

It's not whether the big internet monopolies will censor us, it's when.

The purge began with the weakest links. And then it started escalating. By the time it's done, the only 'conservatives' allowed on social media will be David French and Liz Mair.

David Horowitz had been a vocal and pugnacious presence on Twitter where he dispensed common sense truths and rebutted the lies of the Left.

Now his Twitter account has been suspended. In response the #FreeDavid hashtag has been spreading across social media.

The suspension of David Horowitz, a respected civil rights activist, is the latest in a series of actions taken to censor the Freedom Center, from the MasterCard/Visa ban to this recent crackdown. 

The same thing will eventually happen to all of us if we don't do something about the monopoly over the internet by a handful of dot coms.