Seth Meyers Claims Criticizing Bigots is "Dangerous" When They're His Bigots

The white knighting of Rep. Ilhan Omar reached a new low when Seth Meyers, a humorless lefty hack who could only function in the post-comedy landscape where politically correct clapter trumps humor, accused Meghan McCain of endangering Omar by criticizing her anti-Semitism.

Lefties don't believe that criticizing bigots is dangerous, unless they happen to be their bigots.

And then the usual social media backlash and death threats that have become routine for any figure on the public stage are used to argue that the bigot is the victim.

Omar's comments delegitimizing Jews aren't dangerous, Meyers insists. But criticizing Omar's anti-Semitism is.


Because Omar is a member of a designated victim group and part of the Left. Jews on the other hand suffer from white privilege. And no attack on Israel, no matter how anti-Semitic, as the New York Times recently showed us, is off limits.

And so lefty bigots become the victims.