CAIR: "We Should Not Hire Non-Muslims"

CAIR postures as a civil rights organization. But it isn't interested in civil rights, but in sharia rights.

And infidels who work for it discover that, just as at they did at Al Jazeera America, infidels are expected to know their place.

Susanne Arani has worked for CAIR on-and-off since 2015, until she was fired in April 2019. Her complaint contains some fascinating accusations about the office politics at one of America's leading Islamist organizations. 

In one instance, Arani claims, an unnamed "interim director" stated: "CAIR/We should not hire non-Muslims, but they are ok for optics so I understand it has to happen sometimes, but we should never allow a non-Muslim on our board."

In another instance, Arani claims the "Interim Director" complained about attendance of a vigil for the Jewish victims of the October 2018 terrorist attack against a Pittsburgh synagogue, reportedly declaring: "We don't need to be fake for those people."

Arani also cites discrimination because of her gender, citing pay disparities and preference for male candidates in senior CAIR positions.

In response to Arani request that CAIR's dress rule be revised, she alleges that one CAIR official "yelled" at her, stating that "allowing women to wear skirts and dresses would not be modest, would lead to women showing more of their bodies." He then reportedly launched into a "tirade about how women would dress and what you could see on women's bodies in his old place of work."

Some of these complaints echo the lawsuits filed against Al Jazeera America. It's funny how the media didn't seem interested in reporting on that. And, I suspect, won't be reporting on this lawsuit unless it's to smear Arani.

But while CAIR is constantly trying to claim that everything is Islamophobic and a civil rights violation, some of its personnel allegedly casually violated the civil rights of non-Muslim employees.