Millennials, Non-Whites, Less Likely Than White People to Vote for Jewish Candidate

The gap in the Gallup survey isn't huge. It might be well within the margin of error. And vast majorities of just about everybody say that they would vote for a Jewish presidential candidate. And yet the gap, or the source of it is interesting.

93% of Americans overall would vote for a Jewish candidate. That's up from 91% in 2015.

Among white people, 96% would vote for a Jewish candidate.

Among non-whites, it's 86%.

Now 86% is still pretty great. Especially when you look at historical trends for this type of question.

But that 10% gap tells us a bit about where the anti-Semitism is. And it's mostly, not, among white Americans. The Poway synagogue shooter and his alt-right comrades represent a negligible portion of America. Farrakhan represents a larger one.

14% of non-whites are willing to say that they would not vote for a Jewish candidate. 

It's not an insignificant number. And if it were less politically inconvenient, Gallup would have pushed it forward instead of burying it in the sand.

At 90%, millennials are the age demo least likely to vote for a Jewish candidate. Those 55 and over are the most likely to at 96%.

Why are 10% of millennials willing to say they wouldn't vote for a Jewish candidate?

Again, interesting question. Part of the answer may be that the millennial generation is more diverse and less tolerant of Jews.