Majority of Americans Would Not Vote for a Socialist

More from the Gallup social survey.

The average media outlet/blogger hasn't bothered going beyond the Gallup summary which glosses over key details.

Less than half of Americans (47%) say they would vote for a qualified presidential candidate who is a socialist -- the same percentage Gallup found in 2015.

Gallup doesn't seem to be interested in mentioning that 51% specifically said that they would not vote for a socialist.

That's not just burying the lede, it's cremating it in the dead of night.

The actual numbers are both interesting and troubling.

The gender gap on voting for a socialist is huge. Only 40% of men said that they would vote for a socialist while 54% of women say they would.

When we talk about pushing back against the legitimization of socialism, it's important to note just how much ground the idea has gained among one side of the gender divide.

Only 43% of whites, but 57% of non-whites would vote for a socialist.

A quarter of Dems would not vote for a socialist.

Among the 18-34 group, 63% would vote for a socialist.

There are both good and bad numbers here that highlight what the stakes are.