Free Markets Don't Fix Things, People Do

This is a takeoff on the WSJ's Sohrab Ahrami responding to Twitter deciding to ban content from a researcher because it disagrees with current leftist social justice ideas. 

Markets don't fix things. People do.

The free-markets-will-fix-it conviction is based on the idea that free markets will allow people to pursue their interests and goals. And that's true.

Except the interests and goals of the political and economic elites in this country involve imposing their views on everyone else.

Free markets do make it more possible to disrupt this machine than in North Korea or Iran. But there's no lefty right side of history here that's going to innately fix things. The only thing the potential of market disruption promises is that the same people won't always be on top.

You can still have an oligarchy. It'll just be more unstable.

Silicon Valley's dot com empires are an unstable oligarchy. Some, Facebook, will fall faster than others, Google. They'll all fall at some point. But there's no current reason to think that the companies that replace them will be run by people who aren't leftists or at least adhere to leftist dogma.

Free markets won't innately break this oppressive oligarchy. People with missions and goals can.