Cory Booker: What Does Buttigieg Have That I Don't?

One obvious thing that Booker has that Buttigieg doesn't, is;a beard.

Meanwhile it's Cory Booker's turn to whine that he should be getting more attention, and the only reason no one is paying attention to his campaign is race. We've had Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris do this dance before. I guess Julian Castro's turn is next.

I am Spartacus. Hear me whine.

Buttigieg’s sparkling résumé has been the subject of countless profiles, powering the South Bend mayor to the top tier of the 2020 field. Sen. Cory Booker, however, hasn’t received nearly as much attention and remains mired in the middle of the pack in recent polls.

The similarities between their credentials — and the disparity between how their campaigns have been covered on the campaign trail — are frustrating Booker allies who question whether the media is giving the New Jersey senator a fair shot.

“He’s at a disadvantage anytime he’s not treated on the same playing level as all the other candidates,” said South Carolina state Rep. John King, who has endorsed Booker. “There should be a campaign where people start to question the process when there’s not fairness — and especially within the media.”

I don't even know what this means. Is everyone in the media obligated to give every candidate the same amount of coverage?

But yes, Buttigieg and Booker are both pretentious cretins who have never actually accomplished anything except to appeal to the TED talk demo and use a poor, struggling city as the backdrop for their brand. 

There are two vital differences. Aside from the identity politics stuff.

1. Cory Booker got oversaturated much too early. He's been overexposed throughout the last decade so that he feels like old news.  His habit of frantically jumping on anything newsworthy with manic depressive responses turned off the media. And most people. He's too desperate, thirsty and needy.

2.  Buttigieg correctly calculated that there was room for a front runner who wasn't chasing the same lefty faction. Booker once used to be Buttigieg. He appealed to moderates and even some Republicans by supporting sensible policies like school reform. He was also very popular with the Jewish community. He burned all those bridges for lefty posturing. And now he doesn't have much of a base of supporters left which has reduced him to this type of pathetic identity politics pleading.