“You’re Running for President and You Want Black People to Vote for You? That’s Not Going to Happen."

Mayor Peter Buttigieg is really popular with Chelsea organic restaurateurs, not so popular with black people, either in his own city or anywhere.

While the failed South Bend mayor scores at 11% among white men and 9% among white women, his scores among black people are too low to list. Subtraction says 2% among black men and black women.

The media ignored gang violence in South Bend until a cop did the shooting, and "Mayor Pete" had to interrupt his hobnobbing.

Buttigieg returned to the South Bend, from a campaign event in Florida the day of the shooting. Since, he’s met with community members, and city officials, as well as answered constituent questions. His presence hasn’t always been welcomed, though. Buttigieg was met with protests, as black residents questioned his dedication to their communities — particularly given his presidential ambitions.

“Are you really here because you care about blacks, or are you just here because you want to be the president?” one woman shouted at Buttigieg during a protest about the shooting, the New York Times reported.

“You’re running for president and you want black people to vote for you? That’s not going to happen,” another woman told the mayor, according to the report. Buttigieg responded, “Ma’am, I’m not asking for your vote.”

Because it's not happening. Hardly anyone votes in South Bend. Not when Buttigieg only won some 8,000 votes plus. 

On the plus side, Buttigieg can't actually do any worse with black voters.