Governor Christie

Police Officers in School Don't Work, That's Why Obama's School is Hiring One

Sidwell Friends will hire the Special Police Officer based on his diversity, with regard to his race, religion, economics, gender, sexual orientation, and physical disability. So any poor gay Eskimos in wheelchairs are especially encouraged to apply for the futile and irrational task of protecting a school... when we all know that school security does not work and it's irrational to suggest that it does.

Four Hamas Supporters on Gov. Christie's Muslim Outreach Committee

"Qari Abdul Basit is the imam of the New Brunswick Islamic Center, a mosque founded in 1987 by the Islamist cleric Zaid Shakir, who continues to be a guest lecturer. Shakir legitimizes attacks on U.S. troops, specifically the hijacking of airplanes transporting soldiers. He argues that the 1983 Marine barracks bombing by Hezbollah was not an act of terrorism. "