Israel War in Gaza

Obama Thanks Morsi for Ceasefire, Hamas Thanks Morsi for Making "Israel Scream with Pain"

The White House phone log tells part of the tale. Mr. Obama talked with Mr. Morsi three times within 24 hours and six times over the course of several days, an unusual amount of one-on-one time for a president. Mr. Obama told aides he was impressed with the Egyptian leader’s pragmatic confidence. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh thanked Egypt and Iran on Thursday for their support in helping make “Israel scream with pain,” he said.

Libyan Weapons Flowing into Gaza, Thanks to Obama

According to a report in The Washington Post last year, large caches of weapons have flooded into Egypt from Libya, including surface-to-air missiles, rockets and anti-aircraft guns. The missiles are smuggled into Sinai and then into Gaza via networks of tunnels.

Bombing Gaza is Not In and Of Itself a Solution

Israel has two options. Either destroy Hamas by wiping enough of its leaders and fighters in Gaza from the air that the organization ceases to be a viable means of controlling Gaza, or retake control of Gaza in a ground assault and accomplish the same thing the hard way