Comment of the Day: How Many Bodies Do We Need to Pile to Climb to Heaven?

From one of NewsReal’s most astute commenters, on today’s David Horowitz quote of the day:

2009 October 31
Cas Balicki permalink
Much more interesting here, at least to me, is the utopian mindset on which this post touches. The reason I find the mind set so interesting is that utopian thoughts run in direct contrast to a world [...]

Marc Lamont Hill’s List of Overrated Black People

Marc Lamont Hill’s List of Overrated Black People will be a recurring feature at NewsReal as more figures emerge to be added. In David Horowitz’s kick-off to the series he explained the intent and why it’s not necessary to have corresponding lists of overrated white people, overrated conservatives, overrated leftists, overrated Jews, overrated right-handed people [...]

Obama tempers economic news with caution on jobs

Obama tempers economic news with caution on jobs
By DARLENE SUPERVILLE (AP) – 8 hours ago
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Saturday tempered excitement about a growing economy with a sober outlook that more people will lose their jobs. He called that a heartbreaking reality and cautioned that even a burst of upbeat news “does not [...]

Leaping Back to the Founding, Part 5: Calvin Freiburger Gives the Final Word on Natural Law

I’m going to give the final word on the subject of Natural Law to my friend and colleague Calvin Freiburger who really gives the best, most accessible summary of the concept as it relates to the Founding. With the next installment of Leaping Back to the Founding we’ll discuss Skousen’s second point about the Founders’ [...]

The Prosecution Rests in the Case Against “UnReal Time with Bill Maher”

Since I started at NewsReal in July — first as a blogger before eventually becoming the editor — my beat has been HBO’s leftist gabfest “Real Time with Bill Maher.” The 2009 season of the show concluded on October 16. So NewsReal will not be featuring any more commentaries on “Real Time” until the next [...]

Halloween Open Thread

Ron Radosh Explains Why Liberal Journalists are Joining the Obama Administration’s Attack on Fox News

Ron Radosh has a particularly great blog post up today:
While the Obama administration continues its war against its media critics, well-known liberal journalists — instead of defending freedom of the press — are joining the attack on a news network they despise as much as does the administration. Gone is any seeming concern for the [...]

Halloween Lunch Break

Since today’s Halloween I thought I’d feature some images of especially entertaining Halloween costumes:


If anyone sees any especially amusing costumes tonight please take a picture and email it to me so I can post them for tomorrow’s Lunch Break.

Lunch Break is NewsReal’s daily apolitical post. (We all need a break from this political stuff every [...]

Bill O’Reilly the Collector Duns Barack Obama the Debtor

I am definitely not a writer, at least according to Mrs. Stiftuk, who taught my eighth grade English class. I am, however, a veteran of almost 19 years in the collection business, and when you “dun” someone you are making a legal demand for the moola.
On October 28th in his Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly [...]


UPDATE: Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, has issued a statement regarding Ms. Scozzafava’s announcement.
“Dede Scozzafava’s has worked extremely hard to achieve the goal of becoming the next Congressman from New York’s 23rd District. It takes courage and strength to step back and make the best choice for her [...]