Comment of the Day: No More Mrs. Nice Conservative…

From “Peachey” on my Help Save Fox post:

Far too long have Conservatives remained quiet, hospitable, tolerant, desiring peaceful dialog. This has to end in order for our voices to remain public in any form. The attempt to silence Conservatives and those that oppose Obama is growing and evolving into a full-on war on dissent. It [...]

How The Left Robs Dead People

The left delights in grave robbing, which helps to explain why support for inheritance taxes (which go by the more honest moniker, death duties, in the U.K.) remains so high among progressive activists.
But having the tax man shake down corpses is only one way the left helps fund both the welfare state and the progressive [...]

Our Brain Dead Country – by David Horowitz


The Ft. Hood killings are the chickens of the Left coming home to roost.

Council on American-Islamic Relations


For the entire CAIR profile, click here. Selected highlights from the CAIR profile: The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) describes itself as a “non-profit, grassroots membership organization … established to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America,” to protect Muslims from hate crimes and discrimination, and to present “an Islamic perspective on […]

Win a Free Copy of David Horowitz’s New Booklet

Click here to enter to win a copy of  Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution – The Alinsky Model By David Horowitz.

PJTV’s Andrew Klavan: Find God in 60 Days

Open Thread

Media Matters ‘Watchdog’ Guts NewsReal Blog To Weaken It

Media Matters guts out the key section of a NewsReal Blog.

One Cannot Be Both a Soldier of Allah and a Soldier of America

It’s almost as though he was taunting us before he did it. And everyone around him was just too dumb or too scared to do anything.
Pamela Geller blogs about the hidden message on the Fort Hood shooter’s business card:
Here is the card that major Muslim Nidal Hasan gave to the infidels along with a quran [...]

The Nation Celebrates the Fall of Communism by … Celebrating Communism!

It’s the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as important to the 20th Century as the victory over Germany and Japan — probably more so, since Nazism was not an ideology with hundreds of millions of followers in the West and throughout the Free World that Communism had.
Among them were the editors [...]