Subduing Women’s Sexuality – by Hege Storhaug


Why Islam’s obsession with sex must become a subject of debate in the West.

Obama’s Speech on Afghanistan to Envision an Exit –

WASHINGTON — President Obama plans to lay out a time frame for winding down the American involvement in the war in Afghanistan when he announces his decision this week to send more forces, senior administration officials said Sunday. Although the speech was still in draft form, the officials said the president wanted to use the […]

Cornel West


For the entire Cornel West profile, click here. Selected highlights from the Cornel West profile: Cornel West is a Professor of Religion and African American Studies at Princeton University…. He is a longtime member of the Democratic Socialists of America, for which he currently serves as Honorary Chair. He is also a co-chair of Michael Lerner‘s Tikkun Community. […]

MARK STEYN: CRU’s Tree-Ring Circus, National Review Online

My favorite moment in the Climategate/Climaquiddick scandal currently roiling the “climate change” racket was Stuart Varney’s interview on Fox News with the actor Ed Begley Jr. — star of the 1980s medical drama St. Elsewhere but latterly better known, as is the fashion with members of the thespian community, as an “activist.” He’s currently in […]

JENNIFER RUBIN: Holding Holder Accountable, Weekly Standard

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) is in the news again, for the first time since then-chairman Mary Frances Berry tried to prevent seating a George W. Bush appointee. This time, though, it is challenging liberal civil rights orthodoxies, and Democrats and left-leaning civil rights groups are the ones in the crosshairs. Since January, […]

Switzerland and the Minaret –

Nearly 58% of Swiss voters Sunday cast their ballots in favor of banning the construction of new minarets in the Alpine republic, a surprise result that led at least one Swiss member of parliament to declare that “the foundations of Switzerland’s direct democracy have failed.” That is clearly wrong. Swiss direct democracy shows its mettle […]

Iran defies United Nations with plans for 10 new nuclear plants | World news | The Guardian

Iran today sent a defiant signal to the international community by announcing plans to build 10 uranium enrichment plants days after it was condemned by the UN for concealing activities that are feared may be designed to produce an atomic bomb. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government said the plants would be the same size as the main […]

Israel could release 980 Palestinians to free soldier, prosecutors say –

srael could release 980 Palestinian prisoners in a possible deal to win the freedom of an Israeli soldier held captive by Hamas for three years, prosecutors disclosed Sunday.The number from Israel’s State Prosecutor’s Office is the first official estimate of how many Palestinians could be freed in exchange for Cpl. Gilad Shalit, who was captured […]

Sunday Comment of the Day: Pursuing Holiness and Understanding God

I tend to find myself agreeing with Nick’s commentary on the nature of God and how to pursue holiness. He left it on today’s David Horowitz Quote of the Day:

2009 November 29
Nick Chagouris permalink

The most challenging of these questions emerge when after one agrees to seek, he considers the Nature of God. Is God an [...]

NewsReal Sunday: Remembering My friend, Alan Scherr, Murdered in Mumbai, and the Maharishi Effect He Advocated

A year ago, on November 26, my friend, Alan Scherr, 58, and his daughter Naomi, 13, were murdered in the restaurant of the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai by one of the 10 Islamic terrorists conducting attacks at several carefully selected locations. Over 200 persons were murdered and more than 308 wounded in the attacks, which [...]