The Constitutional Importance of the ObamaCare Ruling


Why Chief Justice Roberts’ reasoning may spell the eventual death of Obamacare.

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Supreme Decision: The Best Possible Result for 2012

Politically speaking there couldn’t have been a better Supreme Court decision.

Playing the Race Card to Obscure Murder


The contempt vote against Eric Holder succeeds — and the left is desperate to distract from its bloody scandal.

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John ‘Bulletproof Conservative’ Roberts?


How the Chief Justice’s ruling was a verdict on two presidencies.

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“I Am Neda”


A new film shines light on the inspiring legacy that a young Iranian woman left behind.

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The Jihadi Threat Within


FBI investigation speculates that over 100 suspected Islamists are in the U.S. military.

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Get Ready For More Charges of Racism


Why Obama must continue to shift blame elsewhere.

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Sea Change for American Power


Will rising world powers outmatch U.S. naval might?

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Obama’s New Middle East


An Islamist tinderbox set to burst into flames.

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Amsterdam Gets a Harsh Lesson in Islam 101


The court that ordered Geert Wilders’s prosecution for telling the truth about Islam won’t try a hate-spewing imam.

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