Obama’s Budget Priorities: 2000 Marines vs 1 Billion for Muslim Terrorists


The 1 Billion that Obama is giving to Muslim terrorists in Egypt, Syria and Gaza could be used to save the jobs of 2,000 US Marines.

Muslim Respect for Religion Roundup: Buddhist, Hindu and Christian Edition


Muslim savages trashing a Hindu temple has nothing to do with “Innocence of Muslims”. It’s a freelance excuse for Muslims to hurt people and then cry that they are the real victims.

(CBS) “Now at least Federal authorities Might be Able to Punish the Filmmaker.”


I’m Dan Raviv in Washington. The short movie posted on YouTube has had a lot of diplomatic impact. It was *clearly* designed to insult the Prophet Mohammed, and a senior Obama administration official told CBS News last week that no one in the Middle East seems to believe that the US government could not stop the film from getting out. Now at least Federal authorities might be able to *punish* the filmmaker.”

Who’s Up for a Global UN Health Care Tax?


The World Health Organization (WHO) is considering a global excise tax of up to 70 percent on cigarettes

2000 Dead Soldiers and Obama Can Still Do No Wrong

U.S. President Obama salutes Hall of Fame players before throwing out the ceremonial first pitch in St. Louis

The death toll in Afghanistan has reached 2,000. What used to be a grim milestone under Bush is now just something that no one talks about because it would embarrass the man responsible for many of those deaths.

Is It Time to Start Bombing Our “Allies” in Afghanistan?


It’s not the 2000 dead number, so much as it’s the wasted lives. There is no plan for victory in Afghanistan. Obama is just dragging out his defeat with no regard for the lives of the soldiers there. Meanwhile the Afghans are clearly at war with us.

Israel Strike on Iran Nukes Will Not Begin WWIII


Failed former UK Tory Party leader Michael Howard asserts: “The only thing worse than the prospect of an Iran with nuclear weapons would be the consequences of using force to stop them”.

How the ObamaMedia Faked Obama’s Growth in the Polls


On September 11 and 12, Democrats were being oversampled by 3 percent. Two days later they were being oversampled by 4 percent. A week later by 5 percent. By September 23rd, they were being oversampled by 6 percent. By the 26th they were being oversampled by 9 percent.

Imagine if Mohammed Had Never Existed


Egypt’s second-largest political movement, the Salafist al-Nur party, said it will produce a movie about the life of Mohammed, titled “what would the world look like without Mohammed.”

4 Years Later Every American has $3,040 Less

Obama Flashes Wad of Cash I (09-23-2012)

But what were you going to do with that $3,040 anyway? Feed your kids? Pshaw, Michelle Obama says they’re too fat anyway. Buy clothes? Don’t you know that clothes aren’t carbon friendly? Make a down payment on a car? Just sell a kidney and you can afford an Obama approved Prius.