80% of Turkish Muslim Settlers in Germany Live off Welfare

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Nicole, a German school teacher told me once, when she asks her students what they want to become in the future, the majority of Turkish students say, “State benefit receiver.”

Geert Wilders Party Now Polling at No. 1

geert wilders

Europe’s bail-out of busted Cyprus, involving yet another transfer of money from the Dutch to the south, seems to have swung more votes behind the Euro-sceptic Wilders.

Anti-Israel Protest Breaks Down into Pro-Assad and Anti-Assad Brawl


Al Jazeera Arabic reporter Elias Karam and his crew was chased by a crowd of supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad

The Life of a Modern Jewish Refugee from Egypt


“In school they always taught us to hate Jews and Israelis,” she says. “Let’s take Koran class for example. I would be sitting, taking a test, and would read a verse that said you need to kill Jews.”

Crazy Man Named Calliope Wong Applies to Liberal All-Girls College, PC Comedy Follows

calliope wong is sad

All it took to end the All-Girls College was a bunch of teenage boys putting on dresses and copying the plots of a bunch of bad 80s movies.

Rich Muslims More Likely to Support Terrorism than Poor Muslims

Asian Games

To understand what causes terrorism, one need not ask how much of a population is illiterate or in abject poverty. Rather one should ask who holds strong enough political views to impose them through terrorism.

Union Fights to Hold on to Government Liquor Monopoly in Pennsylvania


The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776 (UFCW) represents about 70 percent of the state’s 5,000 liquor store employees, who earn nearly $40,000 on average to stock liquor bottles and operate the cash register.

Is Your Trash Can Bisexual?


“Are we going to have different coloured bins dependent on ones orientation?”

Obama Inc. Worries Giving Purple Hearts to Hasan’s Victims Might Hurt His Case

nidal hasan

There’s a basic inconsistency here. Either Anwar Al-Awlaki was a purely domestic criminal threat or Nidal Hasan wasn’t.

When is State Torture Okay? When it’s Palestinian Authority Torture


In the Nineties, we used to torture them badly. We beat them hard and we made them like a car that doesn’t function.