The Moral Incoherence of the Israeli Scholars Boycott Movement

ibThis month, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), the most largest and most significant organization of academic faculty members in the United States, with over 47,000 members dedicated an entire issue of their online Journal of Academic Freedom to examine the feasibility and appropriateness of an academic boycott of Israel.

Given the AAUP’s former stated policy not to support academic boycotts generally or a boycott of Israel specifically, the question that arises from this recent tendentious exercise in moral incoherence, is: why argue the case for academic boycotts specifically targeting Israeli scholars and academic institutions?   Reciting the list of Israel’s perceived ongoing human rights abuses against the long-suffering Palestinians is, of course, a favorite pastime of the academic Left, in the U.S., Britain, and Ireland (not to mention, ironically, inside of Israel’s own universities), so it is no surprise that the litany of complaints lodged on behalf the victim group of the moment show themselves here as justification for the shunning of Israel scholars from campuses worldwide. The problem, however, is that this view of Israel is the result of a long campaign of historical distortion, outright lies, and propaganda on the part of the Arab world and their apologists and same-thinking colleagues on campuses in the United States.

That academics so carelessly throw about politically-loaded, and inaccurate, terms when discussing Israel and sanctifying the Palestinian cause—words like “apartheid,” “occupation,” and “racism”— indicates exactly why a boycott that seeks to make absolute moral judgments is bound to be perilous—especially for academics who give the pretense of standing for values of academic freedom, scholarly inquiry, a respect for history and law, and open debate over a complex geopolitical problem.

A boycott barring all Israeli academics from participating in academic endeavors with scholars from other nations is also defective because it necessarily must assume that all Israeli scholars—regardless of their political orientation and social values—are painted with the same moral brush and deserve to be condemned and excluded merely because of the perceived political sins of the nation in which they live.

If those calling for an academic boycott take the outrageous first step of denying Israeli academics any discourse at all in what is usually called “the academic marketplace of ideas,” of banishing them from the world of dialogue, research, and learning, have not they already struck a fatal blow to the core guiding principle of the academy? Since when has it been the responsibility of the university to control the actions of the state, or for its members to share culpability for the political decisions of a nation? “By its nature a boycott is not a precise instrument,” wrote Howard Jacobson, British author and commentator, “so no distinction is drawn between Israeli academics who actively support their government, those who speak vociferously against it, or those who just go quietly about their . . . researches. . . All are guilty by association with the heinous ideology of their country, that is to say, guilty by simple virtue of being Israelis.”

And if some in the AAUP in fact feel that academics shape and influence national policy and political behavior, their choice of the Palestinians, with their legacy of homicidal aggression against Israel, seems a bit troublesome. What should not be lost on observers is that in the  decision to condemn and boycott Israeli academics, boycott supporters therefore affirm the perceived ideological superiority of the Palestinian side of the moral equation. They have embraced ‘Palestinianism’ completely as their choice of a cause to defend—with the genocidal terrorism, rabid anti-Semitism, political truculence, internecine violence, and general cultural self-destruction that has defined the Palestinian cause since it was minted in the 1960s as a political tool against Israel.

More troubling with calls for an academic boycott against Israel, as Anthony Julius, British attorney and scholar of anti-Semitism, observed is that it reveals an obsessive inclination to demonize Israel, not to mention a breathtaking double standard in applying moral yardsticks to Israel not used to measure the political or social behavior of any other country—including those with far more dismal records of human rights abuses, racism, genocide, terrorism, and gender apartheid, among many other national pathologies. And in making a moral exception when Israel is the target of this collective moral opprobrium, those calling for a boycott against Israel are also not only violating some of the fundamental precepts of academia, but are repeating the impulses that have historically served to marginalize, demonize, and expel Jews from society—what Julius believes to be anti-Semitism.

“The academic boycott,” Julius wrote, “[does] not derive from any criteria capable of being applied universally; it [is] but in the latest in a millennial series of campaigns to isolate Jewish communities—in this case, the Jewish community living in Israel; it [is] inconsistent with the general academic and political principles the boycotters [profess] to espouse; it [punishes] indiscriminately—Israeli nationality [is] the only criterion; Jews [will] suffer disproportionately; it [is] not directed towards the achieving of any specific goals.”

An academic boycott,” Julius concludes, is “unfair, it [is] intellectually and morally frivolous, and it [is] continuous with historical anti-Semitic discourse and practice.”

Concern for the long-suffering Palestinians may be a commendable effort, but the isolation and demonization of Israeli scholars as a tool for seeking social justice for that one group, the very result that would be achieved if the academic boycott outlined by the AAUP is implemented, “represents a profound betrayal of the cardinal principle of intellectual endeavour,” observed Melanie Phillips of an earlier boycott call, “which is freedom of speech and debate,” something universities should never stop diligently defending.

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  • Hank Rearden

    Cut to the chase. Annex the West Bank. Palis who don’t like it can emigrate as the Jews have done all over the Middle East. Create an upper house that is only elected by Jews to maintain the Jewish character of Israel. Everybody goes to school, uses the same textbooks and moves forward together.

    • Taimoor Khan

      Look at the racist talking! Wants to build any exclusive state!

      Why not make a non-religious state with equal representation, which reflects the ACTUAL character of the land, and not the IMPOSED character of land in the dreams of racist European settlers.


        Exclusive State?

        – Saudi Arabia?
        – Islamofascist Regime of Pakistan?
        – Islamofascist Regime of Iran?
        – Syria?
        – Egypt? (which murders Coptic Christians)
        – Iraq?
        – Afghanistan?
        – Sudan?
        – Mauritania?

        Islamofasicsm WILL be defeated. The question is whether Mecca will need to be destroyed – in retaliation.

        P.S. May your true prophet of Satan, muhammed, BURN in H E L L for all time!


      • rsilverm

        Taimoor Khan: First, the middle east is replete with Muslims living in exclusive states.

        Second, your utopian vision requires the destruction of Israel, so that is racist already.

        Third, no honest person anywhere believes that the Palestinian Arabs as a group are capable of living in a non-religious state.

        Finally, Israel is not a European imposition. Israel is an ancient land that pre-dates you, your people, and Europe.

        • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

          Palestine was formed in 1922.
          Israel was formed in 1948.
          Everything else has nothing to do with legally formed governments & truth.

          Israel was always Aramaic and Arabic, the Crusaders converted. See Britannica; Aramaic (1300BCE) predates Rabbinic/Mishnaic Hebrew (200BCE). The Phoenician language predates Hebrew, and it is a lie when people attempt to call their language Paleo-Hebrew hoping to compete with Aramaic history.

          The Bible starts ABOUT 1550BCE with a volcano on Crete creating Pharaoh Ah-Moses Exodus & Genesis 19.

          Learn to deal in Truth. The Qumran People predate all organized holy canons. Hebrew Christian Muslim

      • Paul Austin Murphy


        What’s your view on the Islamic state of Pakistan; which was specifically created ‘for Muslims’ in 1947? Is that ‘racist’ too? What’s your view of the fusion of Islam and the state in virtually every Muslim country? In fact, Pakistan goes one step beyond Israel. Israel is effectively a ‘state for Jews’ – not a ‘Jewish state’. There is a big difference. It is, in fact, a capitalist democracy (with no theological component) – which is really at the core of much Leftist hate of Israel (both the capitalism and the democracy).

        Muslims, on the other hand, just hate Jews living in the Abode of Islam; which they did well before – 1,400 years before – they caught onto the hip Leftists term ‘Zionism’, which they stole from Leftists and Nazis – their totalitarian brothers.

        Unlike Israel, Muslim states bring Islam into the nature of the state and society, as with their implementation of sharia law, increased or decreased as the time demands, in Pakistan, Sudan, Gaza, Egypt, etc. There aren’t many academic boycotts of these states, is there? WHY the fuc* not?

        Also, the ‘racist European settlers’? Is that just a Leftist soundbite? I hear it all the time but I doubt that many people think about what it actually means beyond its soundbite appeal. Did you read that in Chomsky or in Finklestein? Or was it passed onto others by Chomsky, as he did when he coined ‘Israeli apartheid’ and Israeli ‘bantustans’?

        Try thinking for yourself and stop been an anti-Israel automaton.

      • iluvisrael

        The Israelis gave gaza (which Israel won in a war – remember dummy) back to the ‘palestinians’ who then turned it into a cesspool from which to lob rockets – you must be so proud.

      • Drakken

        Funny how you rag heads in Paki land are a muslim nation, yet fault the jews for having a nation all it’s own. I hope the Indians next door retake the Kashmir.

        • defcon 4

          I hope the non-muslim Indians take India for their own. I hope the Buddhists of Myanmar take back their state for their own and let the Bangladeshi muslimes rot back in their own islamic cesspool.


    A group calling itself “Academic Freedom” supports Boycotts?

    Those “academics” must not understand English.

    I support a Boycott of fascist british and fascist socialist academics.

    Let them find work with the taliban, with the muslim brotherhood.

  • Taimoor Khan

    The author wants the Jewish scholars not be tarred with the same brush, but this is what this site does to all Muslims, let alone scholars, and all Palestinians, as a consequence!

    The methodology of this site is to take excerpts from Quran and Hadith and demonize the whole community and thus (in their logic) their aspirations and struggles, in the very same way, as racist and extremists (including Naz!s) operated and functioned in entire history. In Naz!s case, they took out excerpts from Torah and Talmud and other Jewish scriptures and made their case.

    The new Naz!s of our era are the Islamophobes, the author, and the sudy he quotes, misses that as well.

    The “Jewish community”, as the author describes the Jews of Israel, is NOT a poor community living under oppression as they did in Europe in the past – it is a militarist state which is has a systematic policy of oppression and persecution and occupation of another people and their land, condemned also by international organizations (if one believe in them).

    Boycott is done in this context to put pressure on a occupying state which enjoys full support of the much bigger militarist state (US), which defends it from any action at international level. This is not true in the case of Sudan, for example, which paid for its crimes, or Syria, or any other state.

    So there is no legal channel left for taking action. It is the first time in history a small group of people (Palestinians) have been oppressed in this way with the backing of the most powerful (military wise) and law-breaking state of the world, namely US.

    So people with conscience devise their little ways to put pressure on these two states to register their protest against this obscenity.

    Recently, Hawkings also supported the boycott. And it is a good step, absolutely non-objectionable.


      Taimoor Khancer,

      The reason your fellow Khancers are tarred is because of their murderous actions.

      Hijacking passenger planes and flying them into buildings, using poison gas on civilians in Syria and Halabja Iraq, shooting girls in the head like Malala for wanting an education, bombing London buses and the underground, throwing acid in face of girls, hanging gays…

      Ah! The wonders of Islamism!

      May your prophet of Satan, Muhammed, BURN in H E L L for eternity.


      • Taimoor Khan

        Then what about the atrocities committed in Christaindom, and Jews (when and where they had or have power)?

        So the author was complaining wrong when he said, why tar Jews with the same Brush?

        BTW, the above actions are condemnable, but I can quote MUCH bigger cruelties done by West in RECENT years.


          Today, 2013, especially since 9/11 2001, Islamofascists are murdering innocent people ALL OVER THE WORLD.

          That’s on top of Islamofascists raping the entire world with $100 per barrel oill

          You, Khancer, condemning barbaric, savage, satanic Islamofascism?

          You just set off my Taiqiyaa Alarm – alarm.

          You LIE (taqiyya) like your prophet of Satan, muhammed.


          Taimoor Khancer said:

          “So the author was complaining wrong when he said, why tar Jews with the same Brush? ”

          Jews are NOT hijacking passenger planes and flying them into buildings, bombing London transport, openly threatening Eurabia with 9/11 scale attacks as your pals do, shooting a girl in the head for wanting an education (Malala), raping the entire world with $100 per barrel “zionist” oil, hijacking cargo ships as Somalis are doing…

          The ones doing the above crimes are YOUR fellow savages.

          Your pals are doing the above in the name of your prophet of Satan, muhammed.

        • Drakken

          You haven’t seen cruelty and total war yet, but you will goat phucker.

        • Gislef

          Muslims in the 21st century live in the same world as Christians and Jews in the 21st century.

          So which 21st centuries atrocities are you citing?


      Taimoor Khancer,

      Google Images “arab nazi salute”

      Islamofascism has infected and will destroy Islam from within.

    • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

      The Scholars and right. Zionism needs some reality.

      The General’s Son {book}
      The true History of Israel and Palestine
      30min summary:
      1 hour talk:


        So called palestinians live in peace with Israelis?

        Are you joking?

        LIke Sunnis live in peace with Shiites and Pakistanis live in peace with Hindus and Shiites live in peace with Bahais?

      • Omar

        And you and your Islamists buddies need a dose of reality, considering the fact that the Islamists were allied with the Axis powers before and durinh World War II.

        • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

          Omar, I told you before. I grew up Jewish.

          • Drakken

            Nice little Kapo jew you are, I wonder if you will go smiling all the way to your doom like the other jews in Europe did? So side with the muzzy savages, perish with them.

          • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

            Because you are without facts you offer insults.

            Palestine: Peace not Apartheid

            Israel ignores UN Human Rights panel

          • defcon 4

            LOL, what exactly does that mean Farid?

          • Omar

            Yes, which makes the situation even scarier than it already is, considering the fact that you are supporting terrorists who want to see the destruction of your religion.

          • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

            This has nothing to do with the religion or terrorists. This is about a political lobby leading us into false wars. The Israel Lobby is afraid. Chemical weapons can defeat the Iron Dome of israel and is why the american lobby sends us into wars with Muslims. Obama was nuts about bombing Syria because of them.

            CIA of 20 years Blame the American Israeli Lobby.

          • Omar

            Oh, please. You’re using Russia Today (RT) as your primary source of the “aggressive ambitions” of the “Israel lobby”. RT is a propaganda organ of the United Russia Party (the modern-day Communist Party of the Soviet Union), which currently rules Russia autocratically. Russia is ruled by a former KGB agent who is unrepentant about his past. Why don’t you condemn Russia’s illegal war against Georgia back in 2008. Russia stole land that belonged to Georgia, and recognized the stolen land as “independent republics”. In 1962, the Castro dictatorship in Cuba wanted the Soviet Union to launch missiles into the United States and start a nuclear war. Why don’t you condemn the Castro fanatics in Moscow and around the world for that behavior. Why don’t you condemn the “Palestine” lobby for supporting and encouraging Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to invade and occupy Kuwait more than 20 years ago. The whole world condemned Saddam’s dictatorship for its aggressive action, yet the so-called “Palestinians” supported invading and occupying another country. Why don’t you condemn Communist China’s illegal occupation of Tibet and the ongoing genocide of the Tibetan people? Communist China has been illegally occupying Tibet since 1950. In fact, why don’t you blame the so-called “peace” rallies for double standards and for supporting Communist and Islamist totalitarianism.

          • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

            Stop telling lies.

            1. The primary source is a CIA agent of 22 years.
            2. RT does not stand for Russia Today.
            3. The English RT office is based in Washington DC.

            Drop the insults and lies. Start dealing in facts.

          • Omar

            RT most certainly stands for Russia Today. RT is the Russian equivalent of the BBC. The BBC, like RT, also has an American branch office. Regarding facts, you need to learn actual facts instead of repeating Communist andIslamist propaganda. Why don’t you listen to the later Russian intelligence agent and whistleblower, Alexander Litvinenko when he exposed the Putin autocracy’s espionage and crimes against other countries? In response to the brave whistleblower’s actions, Putin’s agents poisoned Litvinenko in the UK. Litvinenko later died from the poisoning. Anyway, why do you support Islamist militants who want a second Holocaust against people of your religion? Don’t you know that Hamas does not recognize Israel and wants to destroy the small Jewish state? Almost all of Israel’s militant adversaries are just as anti-Semitic as Nazi Germany. Why don’t you condemn Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the father of s-called “Palestinian” nationalism, for allying the Islamists with the Nazis before and during World War II? As for conquest, why don’t you condemn Communist China’s illegal military occupation of Tibet and the ongoing genocide of the Tibetan people? Why don’t you condemn Saddam’s Iraq for its invasion and occupation of Kuwait over two decades ago? Did you know that the so-called “Palestinian” leadership supported the Saddam regime’s brutal action against another country? In fact, why don’t you condemn all aggressive actions made by Communist and/or Islamist regimes.

    • Omar

      The Israelis have been oppressed by Islamists backed by Islamist Iran and two rouge, powerful Marxist regimes, Russia and China. You are an America-hating, Communist totalitarian loving Stalinist/Maoist who supports Islamist Sharia Law. Learn from facts instead of repeating Communist/Islamist propaganda. By the way, Russia and China support the Islamist apartheid dictatorship in Sudan, which is guilty of committing genocide against its black African Christian population. Neo-Communist Russia also supports Communist China’s occupation of Tibet and the genocide of the Tibetan people. Quit supporting Communist/Islamist atrocities.

      • Drakken

        Ahh the Russians, not to defend them, are not communist anymore, and are moving to capitalism as we are going socialistic. The Russians have their own muslim problem and are not afraid to deal with them as we in the west are.

        • defcon 4

          They better be a lot more ruthless than they have been. I’d suggest they use the methods the people of Myanmar have been, which, ironically enough, are the EXACT same tactics musl0-nazis use on the najjis kaffir in all their various muslime sties.

          • Drakken

            They are extremely good at keeping their anti-muslim activities very quiet;.

          • Taimoor Khan

            So you support oppression and killings and burning houses of innocent people in Mayamar? How is that different to what Nazis did to the Jews! You are an extremely shameless person!

            Imagine your mother, daughter getting raped by a mob just for their beliefs and then read your comments “they need to do more”.

    • itaintmojo

      There is no methodology going on as you put it. Sharia law advocates who number in the hundreds of millions worldwide, are by their actions, called out for what they do. Sharia law advocates are responsible for all the jihad, such as 9/11, Boston Marathon bombings, Fort hood shootings, and most recently a bus being blown up in Russia by a suicide bomber. Sharia law advocates like Hamas, teach their children to hate Jews, and promote Jihad. Sharia law advocates like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, have no problem burning the homes, churches and businesses of Coptic Christians there. The beheading of a British soldier walking home. The mall in Kenya. The butchering of students as they slept in Nigeria. All carried out by Sharia law Islamic folowers. I could go on and on with more examples. Sharia law advocates like Hezbollah, will never respect or recognize the existence of a Jewish state were it is now, or stop their hate teachings, or make any offer to Israel that would promote safe borders. This is the way of Sharia law Islam. If someone reports these actions, it is not methodology. Its just the way it is.

      As for Hawkings, the machine keeping him alive was invented by a Jew.

      • defcon 4

        I no longer have any respect for Hawkings and in comparison to say, Einstein or Newton, he’s a nothing anyway.

        • Taimoor Khan

          Newton yes. Einstein, a big fake. Read the book, “Einstein, the Incorrigible plagiarist”.

          This is an academically acclaimed book.

      • Taimoor Khan

        And Hawkings in return can say, “The Jews cannot even set up their country without being imported as cattle by Great Britain during imperialism, let alone a device – without the help of western technology and advances in science!”

        Today’s Israel Jews are mostly Eastern European settlers. None of them are original Jews of Middle East. They are mixed.

        So Jews owe their everything to another civilization, either Muslim or Christian.

        They could not even get their state without the help of Hawkings fellow countrymen!!

        • itaintmojo

          Hawkings could say that, or might say that, but I highly doubt he ever did, or will.

          Why would it be so important what kind of Jews went to Israel, or from where their came from? There are one million Arab Israeli citizens who are the best treated Arab citizens of any country in the region by far. No Arabs who are currently citizens of Israel, would ever move to Gaza, Syria, Egypt, or any other Arab country. Not even if you paid them. Meanwhile racist Arab Jew haters like yourself I imagine, are perfectly okay with a Judenrein Palestine should there ever be one.

          Yes, the British intended a two state solution. But in the end they washed their hands of this, because both Arabs and Jews were attacking the British. It was the League Of Nations that eventually decided there should be two states in 1948. If the Arabs had said yes in 1948, they would now have more land now than what they are willing to settle for these days. Instead The Arabs refused, and got 6 countries together to attack the newly reborn Jewish state, on the very 1st day of this rebirth. The Arab attack failed, and in subsequent attacks, that also failed, Arabs lost more land. The British did not lift a finger for Israel, during any of the attacks. I would not give Arabs back one inch of land, till their is a sincere effort by their leaders to stop the Jihad, and the hate teachings about Jews to Arab kids. And I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to ever happen, because Sharia law Arabs show no sign whatsoever, that they intend to reform their hateful doctrines.

          Arab hatred of Jews and Israel is a poison to the Arab people. They are so consumed in their vitriol towards Israel, they have no other meaningful goals for themselves as a society, other than to correct the Nakba. I feel bad for any Arabs who suffer who do not carry this hate in their hearts, and must abide by Sharia intolerance, and hate teachings. You get what you give. When you give hate, don’t expect nice things back.

    • Drakken

      God(not allah) Bless the Crusades, I love it when you goat molesting inbred savages let the rest of the infidels know what you think. Can’t wait until we infidels finally deal with you bloody inbred savages once and for all time.
      Know islam, no peace
      No islam, know peace

      • Taimoor Khan

        Comes from the one who lived in a Muslim country and ate the left overs he could earn and did not say a word on a Muslim’s face! You keyboard warrior, you are worse than pig sh~t. Not because of any religion, but because of your upbringing, which brings us to “it’s not your fault” scenario.

        You call one billion people “inbred savages” (being an inbred yourself!) and then complain about how we feel?

        God, get yourself enrolled into the army and go to Afghanistan, you keyboard warior, if you are so aching for a fight. I would love to see you getting the sight of a Taliban and pisssing in your military trousers!

        • glennd1

          He’s an animal – he identifies as such right up front at least. Unlike most Zionists and their apologists, he’s honest. Might makes right, Muslims are inferior and we should just get it on already.

          Well, we know what he is then. I wonder, do you think he has any sense of what an awful human being he is? How drenched in hate his entire worldview is? How repulsive he is to civilized people? He seems to not understand that his savagery isn’t unique – we all have it within us. He doesn’t get that the civilized world that he claims to stand for is civilized precisely because most of us refuse to give into his vicious instincts. We rise above it. He rolls around in the mud and revels in it – and calls it virtue. What a lowlife, but his punishment is being him. So it is with all hateful people.

          I thought he was ex-military, actually bad-ass Marine or something, a combat infantry officer if I’m not mistaken. Those guys are real lifetakers, no joke. Imagine, guys like him are out there, pulling triggers in our names. I just read a study on Iraq, the best done to date, not political, that sought to count the civilian dead due to the war in Iraq. The total is about 465,000. Never hear these NeoCons talk about that. That’s not too far from the number of U.S. men who died in WWII. But hey, does a freaking Zionist NeoCon ever stop for a second and say, hmmm, maybe we don’t want to do that again?

    • Gislef

      Could you give a specific example of a Muslim scholar that this site has specifically tarred?

    • Omar

      Khan, are you aware that the radical Islamists were allied with the Nazis before and during World War II? During that time, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, trave Berlin to meet with his friend, Hitler, to discuss building death camps squads for Jews in the Middle East. The radical Islamists in “Palestine”, other areas of the Middle East and around the world are today’s Nazis, since they openly call for the destruction of Israel and a second Holocaust. You are part of that hate cult since you repeat Islamist propaganda all the time


        1941 The Grand Mufti meets Hitler

        • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

          It happened because the Italian Fashionist, attacked Ottoman Libya. So the Ottoman sided against Italy. ~ It had nothing to do with the hatred being professed on this page.

          • Omar

            The Ottoman Empire had already disintegrated around the time of World War II. Remember that the Ottomans sided with the Central Powers during World War I. Their loss in that war led to the end of the Ottoman Empire. Anyway, that does not change the fact that Islamists in “Palestine” were allied with the Axis forces before and during World War II. The fact remained that the Islamists and Nazi Germany had a very amicable relationship since both were anti-democratic, anti-Semitic and pro-totalitarianism. Learn from facts.

      • glennd1

        And? This proves what exactly? That the radical Zionists had the right to ethnically cleanse 800k Arab Muslims from their homes in ’48?

        • Omar

          That proves that anti-Israel extremism is based on extreme anti-Semitism and that Islamist “Palestinian” nationalism is based on a mix of Nazism, Communism and Islamist totalitarianism (as well as extreme pan-Arab nationalism). Israel occupies much less than 1% of the entire landmass of the Middle East. Why don’t you condemn Communist China’s illegal occupation of Tibet and the genocide of the Tibetan people. Learn from facts instead of repeating Communist/Islamist lies and propaganda.

    • glennd1

      Well said, forget the haters, there are almost always 10 times as many people following along who are on the right but really never read any history of Palestine or Zionism or Islam. Maybe one of them will read this and get curious. Also, while I’m actually deeply opposed to Islamism and recognize the bloody history of Islam and it’s role in much violence in the world today, I understand that the significance of Islam is not justly reduced to only Jihad. It is a separate arc through history, in many ways separate from that of the “West”. I can respect all that and not want a thing to do with any of it.

      And be opposed to Zionism. Anti-Islamist and anti-Zionist – any American who has internalized our valued should see it the same way. There is a moral case to be made on humanitarian bases that supports these actions. I don’t want to go that far. I merely want the U.S. govt out of it. That’s enough for me.

      • Taimoor Khan

        Thanks. You argument is sensible.

        • Omar

          you, glennd1 and the Hetero Amorphous guy are all unreasonable and support Communist/Islamist lies, propaganda and violent aggression.

      • Omar

        Jihad is part of Islamism. Read the Hadith, which calls for Muslims to hunt and kill Jews. The Hadith has been cited and cheered on by your Islamist allies in the Middle East. That’s the reality.


    Taimoor Khancer,

    Nigerians are fighting your islamofascist Boko Haram.

    Civilization is waking up to the threat of Islamofascism and your prophet of Satan, mohammed.


    Taimoor Khancer,

    Does your Islamofascist Regime of Pakistan have good and friendly relations with Hindu majority India as the US does with Canada?


    Yoo Hoo!

    Taimoor Khancer! Where are you?

    Is it prayer time?

    BTW, please wash your prayer rug. It’s covered with BS.

  • Boycott Traitors and Kapos

    There are however treasonous anti-Israel leftist academics inside Israel, from Neve Gordon to Shlomo Sand, two notorious Jewish anti-Semites, who definitely SHOULD be boycotted by the entire civilized world.

  • Clare Spark

    And now, Ben Urwand’s book is getting favorable reviews by journalists. See Nazis, the USA, Jews, Hollywood, are all conflated into one monstrous image. “Urwand’s COLLABORATION: HOLLYWOOD’S PACT WITH HITLER. Urwand is no friend to Israel.

  • glennd1

    Oh, so Israel isn’t occupying land mandated to the Palestinians by the U.N. partition agreement on the West Bank and elsewhere? Lol, of course it is. Israel also has separate laws for Jews and non-Jews, effectively, in that it uses military authority for any interaction with Arab Muslims. Long detentions without any charges for them are commonplace. This is to say nothing of the vicious hatred many right-wing Israelis openly display to the idea of Arab-Muslims living anywhere in Palestine.

    Tell me, when Jews assert the “right” to land that other’s lived on for more than a 1000 years, while jews were tiny percentage of the people living on those lands, is that no Jewish supremacist thinking? Put another way, Jews insist upon for a “right of return” after almost 2000 years, but ignore identical claims by Arab Muslims living in Palestine only after 60 years. How is that not bigoted? Of course it is. I wish the apologists here would just be honest. You don’t care what the Zionists did to the Arab Muslims living Palestine – almost 1 million of them were ethnically cleansed from Palestine in ’48, their homes and personal possession stolen from the by Zionists. Admit it, it just doesn’t matter to you. No moral argument of set of facts will sway you (just like dingbat Progressive-Marxists).

    Fine, have at it. The Islamists and the Zionists both have much blood on their hands. I just want to start speaking truth about it. The U.S. has no moral reason to back such a campaign, and it certainly has been devastatingly costly to AMERICAN INTERESTS. Let them fight it out in the desert. Any Jew who wants to come to the U.S. to live in safety should be welcome as the Jews are a great people and we know they can easily assimilate and succeed in the U.S. Other than that, why is it any business of Americans?

    • Drakken

      Hey dumbazz, the arab muslims lost the bloody wars they started, so effem, to the victors go the spoils. Frankly I am tired of the Israeli’s playing around with these inbred savages, kick out the whole bloody lot of them, the next time the muslim savages fire a rocket or kill one of yours or give them Carthage.

      • glennd1

        Okay, at least you are honest. It’s the essence of barabarism, something the our modern and enlightened world is trying move beyond. While I don’t have my head in the sand about Islamism, I see huge provocation by the west and the U.S. and the Zionists.

        My point is that there is nothing morally compelling about the Zionist project if it’s basically, “take it if you can” or “eat what you kill”. The U.S. should have nothing to do with it and we should care less who prevails in an Iranian conflict. Let them fight it out with each other over their ethnic, nationalist and religious agendas. The U.S. has moved beyond all this.

        The western European experience of mingling the church and state informed the creation of a secular state in the U.S. Why any American can get all frothed up about Jews wanting to create a Jewish state is beyond me – it’s religious supremacist in its most basic sense. But this missed most on the right who claim Israel is a great democracy.

        But at least you are honest. You are a savage. How nice for you.

        • itaintmojo

          Israel, while being far from perfect is a far better democracy, than any of its Arab neighbors. Arab Israeli citizens are busy as I write, moving into parts of Jerusalem, that wont be part of what might be a Palestinian state. Of course they want no part of that, and would kill you if you asked them to move to Gaza to live under Hamas rule. Sharia law Arabs are barbaric intolerant butchers. It is them who savagely continue the Jihad. And they don’t run anything resembling a democracy.

    • itaintmojo

      Wrong. It always has mattered to Jews in Israel. Peace with Arabs always mattered very much. Your version of history is filled with the usual omissions from Arab apologists such as yourself. You omit that Jews lived in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, before Islam ever came to be. You omit that if Arabs had chosen to accept the land deal offered in 1948, that their state would be larger in size now, than what they are now demanding it to be. You omit that it was always the intention of The British Mandate Of Palestine, that there be a Jewish state within the territory they controlled after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

      Arab refusal to accept, and respect the Jewish state, and offer Jihad instead, have always been Arab choices, that have kept them down. This matters to many Jews, who would prefer to live in peace, and prefer to see Arabs prosper with their accepted Jewish state neighbor.

      You are correct about the growing Israeli right wing. Every day that Arabs continue the Jihad, and refuse to accept Israel, is a day where another Naftelli Bennett is born, and eventually the majority in Israel will swing that way, because there seems to be no end to the Jihad Arabs wage against Jews. Israel should give, and do, absolutely nothing for people who teach hate in their schools about them. Nothing for people who label them as apartheid land grabbing murderers. Israel does not need to lift a finger for anyone who hates them as much as Sharia Arabs do. And until Arabs in the region make a better choice for themselves, they will continue to live with the consequences of their poor choices.

      • glennd1

        Who were the invaders/conquerors/colonizers and cleansers? In 1880, just as political Zionism is finding international support and legs, the Jewish population of Palestine was 2-3% and had been so for a thousand years. You want to rely on ancient claims to land that are religious, not political. No other ancient, religious land claims are supported at the cost of another people’s homes and land, en masse as happened to the Arab Muslims liviing in Palestine. And which continues to this day.

        You cite Arab resistance, completely ignoring that they are the victims. They are the invaded. They are the occupied. They are the one’s living under martial law throughout Palestine.

        Please, if you are honest, admit at least this:

        1. Zionism had at its goal from the outset to create a majority Jewish state in larger Palestine – “from the river to the sea”.

        2. In the ’20s, Revisionist Zionists such at Jatobinski openly called for the cleansing of Arabs from territory. There was a split within Zionism over this and it was a very public dialog at the time.

        3. In 1948, radical Zionist militias, which became the IDF, cleansed 500 towns, villages and cities of their Arab Muslim residents. Some towns were laid siege to in massive mortar campaigns, unleashed on civilians as any actual armed opposition. 800,000+ Arab Muslims lost their homes and homelands in 1948, and the newly formed state of Israel took an additional 20% to the land awarded in the U.N. partition agreement.

        Will you agree that what I’ve stated above is true? It’s a plain statement of fact, right? If so, than can you see a reasonable person believing that the Arab’s living there have a complaint? Many Jews in Israel agree with me, not you. Although the youth is being successfully filled with propaganda and seem to be swinging rightward. Scary, very scary.

        I don’t want a thing to do with it. Not for my country, not for me. Certainly it’s not worth an American life or dollar.

        • itaintmojo

          I stand by what I a reply to you. I wrote honest facts that really happened.

          “Invaders, conquerors, colonizers”,were Arabs too. Thats how they got those two thirds you spoke of, Then came the fall of the Ottoman Empire, to The British Mandate of Palestine, who intended a Jewish state there. Then the world decided to make two states.And on the 1st day of the Jewish state being reborn, 6 Arab neighbors said no and attacked. The Arab attack failed, and Arabs retreated. Arabs left after that, and your version of why and how they left is disputed. Point being Arabs failed to destroy the reborn Jewish state,and afterwards many ran.

          Arabs could have had more land, than what they are asking for now, if they had said yes in 1948. They could have had a pretty good neighbor too, if they had chosen more wisely. There has been Jihad from Arabs ever since. Arab kids have their minds poisoned every day by being taught to hate and learn Jihad against Israel.There can be no compromise for Sharia law advocates, Hamas, Hezbollah, and The Muslim Brotherhood. Israel must be destroyed according to Sharia law advocates who number in the hundreds of millions worldwide. There can be no peace for Sharia Arabs with Israel.

          You say Arabs are victims, and I agree they are. Victims of their own poor choices, and the hatred of Israel, that consumes them. All Arabs ever had to do was accept, and respect the Jewish state. If Arabs did it now, Israel could be generous, I’m quite sure. But Arabs said no, no,no, The Arabs in the middle east use their victims as pawns. Close to a million Jews were driven out of Egypt, and Iraq, and Israel, absorbed them all. Jews were not held out as pawns, as Arabs are, and were. Look at Abbass. His Swiss bank account. .Arafat’s wife living high on aid that belongs to Palestinians. Now Abbass does the same. 2.6 billion unaccounted for, from aid money given to Abbass, that was intended for the Palestinian Arabs. Abbass is clearly a thief, and is crystal clear in his hatred of The Jewish state.

          The Jews that agree with you also ignore what really happened and omit actualities. Arabs living in Ramallah, and Gaza have lots to complain about. But they are directing their complaints in the wrong direction. They need to look in the mirror, and fast.

          Until the Jihad stops, (which appears to be never), then follow thru and destroy Israel. In the meantime, please don’t ask for stuff at the same time you are trying to kill Israel. Just get it done, or die trying. Either way, Israel, stands as ready as can be, and I hope they come out on top again, and again. Thats what you deserve for approving Jihad.

          I do agree America can not afford a penny to either side. When you are 17 trill in debt, you need to stop giving.


      You conveniently leave out the fact that almost 1 million Jews from Arab lands were cleansed from Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Egypt. They were forced to abandon their property there.

      Is that OK with you?

      I say it is a wash. Like the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Pakistan in 1947, the cleansing of ethnic Germans from the Sudentenland.

      I believe that part of the Arab fury is that they have not been able to defeat the, as they are describe in the koran, the “sons of pigs and dogs”.

      Cognitive Dissonance for Islamists.

      Meanwhile sunni and shiites get it on, slaughtering each other, showing the world the truth behind “the religion of peace”.


      glennd1, Please end your brutal, racist occupation of Native American land.

      No Double Standards comrade.

      • Omar

        “glenn1, Please end your brutal, racist occupation of Native American land.”
        Yes. In Nicaragua, where the Communist Sandinistas have been oppressing the Miskito people for a long time

      • glennd1

        I’m sure I’m better informed on that count that you are. Indeed, a good start would be for the U.S. and the states to honor their legally binding treaty agreements with the Native American Nations. Sadly, the truth of our 500 yr conflict with the Mezo Americans and northern Native Americans is that 90% or more were killed by diseases. It also all took place before the awakening in the 20th century of an international morality, and our first attempts at creating international institutions.

        Perhaps it’s lost on a feral Zionist like you how utterly hypocritical and corrupt it seemed to Arabs that one of the first acts of the United Nations was to award territory to Zionists when no neighboring nation supported it. The Israeli Zionist project was foisted upon a people by the west, in particular due to the British, in yet another act of imperial hubris – by the U.N. which claims in its very charter to a post-colonial/post-imperial institution dedicated to bringing about a just and equitable world order.

        None of this was the case when the invasion of North America took place. Although there were many heinous actions undertaken, not the least of which was the 16th century pope who authorized Spain and Portugal to claim North America as its residents were considered part of the humanity the Pope and RC held authority over on this earth.

        Interesting that you would draw this analogy though. Am I to infer that you consider the actions of the Zionists in Palestine at least as vicious and unconscionable as that of the european settlers in the Americas? What is it that you are trying to say actually?

    • MixMChess

      Glennd1, shouldn’t you be crawling back under the rock from which you came, or do you just enjoy embarrassing yourself? These are the same comments he has been copying and pasting for years. Move along, nothing to see here.

      • glennd1

        Indeed, because the history and facts don’t change. What, are you weary of the truth?

        • Omar

          Maybe you should stop trolling on this website and start learning from facts about the Middle East and the world in general.

    • Omar

      Actually no. Israel is not occupying land belonging to anyone else. Israel is the ancient homeland of the Jews. Many radical left-wing and Islamist “Palestinians” and their allies and puppeteers want to destroy Israel and instigate a second Holocaust. The fact of the matter is that Israel is the freest as well as the only democratic state in the Middle East. Everyone, regardless of characteristics, is treated equally in Israel. The Islamists want a global empire where Sharia Law would be the law of the planet. Why are Russia and China backing Islamists in the Middle East? Why don’t you blame those two countries for the misery that they have cause for much of the 20th century and into the 21st century?

  • defcon 4

    Why are US citizens’ tax dollars going to support the lying scum of academia? Why are US citizens’ tax dollars going to support the teaching of islam0fascist propaganda in schools, and institutions of “higher” learning?

  • defcon 4

    “long-suffering Palestinians”? Huh? Who has fired over ten thousand rocket and mortar rounds into Israel unilaterally, without cause? Who continues to commit islam0fascist terror acts against Israeli citizens and has done so for the past 65 years? “Palestinians” are nothing but arabs. They have the same culture, religion (99% of them do) and language.

  • defcon 4

    It can’t happen soon enough for me. I have no desire to be dragged back to living in an 8th century theocracy ran by mad mullahs, insane imams and asinine ayatollahs.

  • tokoloshiman

    I always ask the same question of those accusing Israel of APARTHEID and RACISM -Please provide proof of these accusations! please!

  • tokoloshiman

    Faith is admitted to be belief without facts – and it seems that the so called narrow minded intransigent and mentally blocked academics have the same
    philosophy regarding bashing Israel – no facts needed just faith in the sheeple
    and the prevailing cowardly zeitgeist that is not allowed to be questioned under any circumstances.

  • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

    Israel withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights review, rather than confess to their abuses of Israelis & Palestinian on the record.

    • Omar

      And Communist China always tries to silence any international discussion of Tibet and the oppression of Tibetans at the UN. For almost 20 years, Communist China has issued a “no-action” motion on the Tibet issue at the UN on a virtually yearly basis. And almost every year, it passes because of the undeserved sympathy that Communist China gets from countries with despotic regimes, which are usually on the far-left or Islamist fundamentalist (or both). The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan people’s spiritual leader, is virtually a persona non grata at the UN because of how much power Communist China has at the UN, with its undeserved permanent seat on the UN Security Council (by the way, that Security Council seat had originally belonged to Taiwan) Since 1979, the Dalai Lama conceded on the issue of Tibetan independence and instead focused on authentic autonomy for Tibet, but the Beijing regime accuses him of being a separatist force threatening to tear apart the so-called “One China family.” Why don’t you condemn Communist China’s illegal and genocidal action in Tibet. While Israel wants peace with its neighbors and with other countries (as well as respects the rights and liberties of all of its residents, regardless of characteristics), Communist China is still committing a genocide against the Tibetan people and still justifies the killing of more than 70 million Han civilians and countless other peoples under dictator Mao Zedong, as well as the deaths of thousands of non-violent, pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square. Why do you always side with the Communists and the Islamists and against the free world, democracy, human rights and freedom?