97% Consensus: Scientists Admit Guessing Size of Polar Bear Population


The Polar Bear Specialist Group admitted it was “a qualified guess given to satisfy public demand.”

Pakistan’s Stoning Love Story is Why it’s the Worst Place on Earth


“I wanted to send a proposal to Farzana, so I killed my wife.”

Hamas Pays Muslim Rioters $1,150 a Month to Throw Rocks at Jews


Islamic theology students don’t have a lot of career options.

Will the Left Destroy Hillary Clinton?


Hillary faces a choice between overcompensating to the left

Boston Marathon Bombers Linked Up w/Taxi Driving Jihadist


They hiked up a mountain in order to train like, and praise, the ‘mujahideen,’

Did Obama Inc. Work to Stage a Micro Coup in Israel over Iran?


Israel’s supporters have been wondering why Israel hasn’t struck Iran’s nuclear installations

Italy Meets EU Standards with a Drugs and Prostitution GDP


Meet the new world economy. It’s as fake as a three-dollar bill.

Sudanese Woman in Prison for Christianity Gave Birth While Chained


Sudan said, “Freedom of choice is the cornerstone of Islam.”

Pro-Israel Group’s Lawsuit Against IRS May be Tea Party Game Changer


The judge ruled the IRS is not immune from claims it is acting unconstitutionally.

White House Spokesman Carney Follows Shinseki Out the Door


The old “resigning to spend more time with your family” line.