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IRS: Only Conservatives, Not Leftists, Targeted


The IRS’s political targeting did not apply to progressive groups

Latin Leftists with Blood on Their Hands


Ignoring human rights abuses in Venezuela in exchange for cheap oil.

SEIU, Insane Leftists Protests $100 Mil Koch Donation to Hospital


“Healthcare is a human right! Medicare for ALL now!”

Chinese Communists Remind American Leftists What Torture Really Is


“The sickening crunch reverberated in his mind,”

Will Leftists Admit They Were Wrong about Obama?

Barack Obama

The man who promised to improve America’s global image has made us more hated than ever.

Leftists Melt Down Over Failure of UCLA Israel Boycott Resolution


The BDS movement is one long hysterical tantrum of hatred and self-righteousness.”

Raising a New Generation of Leftists


Teaching For Change seeks to to transform America into a more “equitable, multicultural society” by implementing “social justice” education in K-12 schools.

Dartmouth Leftists Demand 47% Minority Quota for Post-Doctoral Students


“Departments that do not have womyn or people of color will be considered in crisis.”

Leftists Love Global Warming Because They Hate the Middle Class


Why Hollywood turned the story of Noah into a warning against carbon sin.

Dartmouth Leftists Bar Conservatives from MLK Day Planning, Stage Protest of “White Supremacy”


The racist campus Gestapo strikes again.