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UNC Leftists Lose Minds Over David Horowitz Speech


Social Justice Warriors divide their time equally between playing the victim and then using their victimhood to victimize others.

Anti-Israel J Street Leftists Met w/Obama, Urged Him to Oppose Israel

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‘You are doing the right thing, we are behind you 100 percent’.”

White House Has Been Holding Meetings w/Radical Israeli Leftists

“Threaten [Israel] with severing diplomatic ties.”

Israeli Leftists React to Defeat w/Vow Not to Donate to Poor


“It’s important that you do not give them a single shekel.”

O’Keefe’s New Video Refutes Cornell President Skorton’s Claim that He is Combatting the Jew-Hating and America-Hating Leftists on His Campus


Assistant Dean for Students, Joseph Scaffido, affirms that a pro-ISIS, pro-Hamas group would be welcome on campus.

Israeli Leftists Baffled, Confused by Netanyahu Victory


The signs of desperation and despondency on the left were evident on social media

Group Funded by US Running GOTV Campaign in Israel for Muslims and Leftists


Lefties spend a lot of time complaining about the “Israel Lobby”. What does one call this?

Leftists Vandalize Paper for Calling Illegal Aliens, “Illegal”


How long until this is described as “Illegalphobia”?

Obama Isn’t Jewish, Jewish Leftists are Obaminations


It’s because they aren’t Jewish. They only think that they are.

Leftists Willing to Fight to the Last Drop of Black Blood


The left-wing lies that precipitated a made-to-order riot.