Yale Shuts Down Study of Anti-Semitism


The decision couldn’t have come at a worse time — or sent a worse message.

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Civil Libertarians and Academics Who Support Censors


Should students who deny other students their First Amendment rights be criminally prosecuted?

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It’s Time to Dump Chomsky into the Wastebasket of History


The radical’s bin Laden eulogy is the capstone of a career of lies and crackpot conspiracies.

Show the Photographs


Let the virus of doubt be disinfected.

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Osama Dead and Targeted Killing Vindicated


The international community’s anti-Israel double standard on targeted killing is now exposed.

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South African Charge of Israeli Apartheid Rings Hollow


I’m proud of standing up against Bishop Tutu’s singular bigotry against the Jewish nations and the Jewish people.

Norway’s “Boycott” of Pro-Israel Speakers


. . .While Hamas is embraced with open arms.

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Israel and Iran’s Nuclear Reactors


Why the Jewish State has every right to attack them now.

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Why Are So Many Public Figures Ranting Against “The Jews”?


The oldest prejudice is in full swing.

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Holocaust Hypocrisy


When will leftists who use Holocaust imagery to attack Israel be held accountable?

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