Predicting the Next Horse Race


The top contenders for 2016 on the Right and the Left.

Obama’s Decidedly Unclear Foreign Policy


The president has rarely failed to waffle on an issue of international significance.

Another Peace Prize Surprise

Belgium EU Nobel Peace Prize

The people who gave a peace prize to Obama continue in their twisted illusions.

On Benghazi Criticism, Mitt Was Right


A political gaffe turns into a gutsy judgment call.

All the President’s Press


Why Romney was right to weigh in on Mideast unrest.

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New York Times Re-Writes 9/11 History


Papering over Clinton’s eight years of counter-terrorism failure.

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Obama’s World, A World Without Friends


How the president has slighted each and every one of the important allies Mitt Romney has visited this week.

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The Unthinkable in Syria


Worries rise over the regime’s WMD arsenal in the event of Assad’s fall.

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A Smaller Defense by Design


How an America with fewer military resources serves a larger objective for the U.S. president.

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Indicting Penn State


Time to remove the university’s bronze statue of Joe Paterno?

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