ObamaCare’s Abysmal Numbers


The truth about the president’s “eight million” new enrollees.

Judge Blocks Anti-Conservative Witch-Hunt in Wisconsin


Conservative advocacy groups win key court battle — but the Left vows to keep up the fight.

Dying in the Hands of Veterans Affairs


Veterans advocates call for heads to roll after medical malfeasance cover-up.

New Democracy Alliance Donors Revealed


Why the Left’s secretive group of millionaires and billionaires thinks it’s morally superior to the Koch brothers.

Benghazi Smoking Gun Exposed


Newly released emails pierce the veil of Obama’s Benghazi cover-up.

Leftist Hate Crime Hysteria


Democrats’ new plans to monitor hate speech and racial bias in law enforcement.

The Establishment Republican-Leftist Alliance


Anti-Tea Party interests conspire at Amelia Island.

Michigan and the Backlash Against Race Preferences


Bans on affirmative action deemed constitutional as more states follow suit.

Obama’s Keystone Cop-Out

Blog Post for Canada Trade Story

American jobs and energy security sacrificed on the altar of radical ideals.

Hiding ObamaCare Data with the Census Bureau


How Obama is making long-term comparisons of the bureau’s health care statistics impossible.