When Affordable Health Care Died


The grim tale of what ObamaCare will really cost.

An Offer Cypriots Can’t Refuse


Citizens running scared after EU ruling class pushes through draconian cash confiscation deal.

After Four Years, Dem Senate Passes a Budget


A doomed effort defined by crushing taxes and government spending.

The War For Oil Myth

no blood for oil protest

America won the war in Iraq, but China got the oil.

Senate Assault Weapons Ban Dies


But Obama’s gun control effort marches on.

Road to Serfdom: Eurocrats to Seize Citizen Money from Bank Accounts


Residents of the welfare state system discover there’s no such thing as private property in post-bailout Europe.

Where Are the Benghazi Survivors?


The Obama administration fakes hospital records in an effort to keep information under wraps.

Donors to Obama ‘Non-profit’ Pay $50,000 for Night of Access


President cashes in on swanky soiree with Organizing for Action mega-funders.

The Budget Battle Begins


Democrats and Republicans: worlds apart.

Hagel’s Afghanistan Visit and Obama’s Disastrous “Good War”

Chuck Hagel speaking to US forces

Mission accomplished: Thousands of American lives wasted for failure.