Framing Trayvon


Efforts to paint Martin as a thug imitate the worst tactics of the American Left.

Scorn on the Fourth of July


Looking back at some of the Left’s worst examples of Independence Day hatred.

Delaying the ObamaCare Disaster

Obama G8 Summit

Obama’s devious new ploy to get Democrats through the next election.

Zimmerman’s Fate and Looming Race Riots


With the prosecution’s case unraveling, authorities nervously eye violence and carnage on the horizon.

Erasing the ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’


The FBI takes down photos of wanted terrorists to avoid giving offense.

Obama’s Eco-Assault on America

Obama speaks at the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland

Why the poor and middle class will suffer from Obama’s sop to wealthy enviro-radicals.

Obama Sends U.S. Troops to Prop Up Morsi


The American military now used to empower Islamists — and to suffocate their democratic opponents.

Ramming Amnesty Through the Senate


Why unelected Obama appointees will have unprecedented power to control the border.

Alice Walker’s New Jew-Hating Lows

Alice Walker

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author cements her anti-Semitic credentials.

A False Sense of Border Security


Debunking the newest lies rolled out by the proponents of amnesty.