Egypt’s Torturer-in-Chief Headed to Washington

Picture 34

Obama fulfills promise to host Morsi even after Muslim Brotherhood savagery is exposed.

Obama Pushing Federal Control of Public Schools


How the president and his radical cohorts are coercing states to cede authority to Washington.

No ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Middle Ground


Obama proves he’s not afraid to go over the precipice as long as Republicans take the blame.

Obama’s Impotence in the Face of Muslim Brotherhood Coup

Anti-Morsi protesters chant outside the Supreme Judicial Council building in Cairo, Egypt.

The administration refuses to take sides against the Brotherhood’s tyrannical power grab.

A Sharia Financier in the TN Governor’s Office


Making Tennessee a more Sharia-compliant place to do business.

Fighting the Good Conservative Fight


The three fronts on which conservatives must wage all-out war.

Anti-Jewish Apartheid at the U.N.


Pro-Israel group targeted, selectively banned from Palestinian state vote.

The Deduction Cap Trap


Why the economic consequences could be dire.

Student Wins Tracking ID Case


But what is the future of student tracking devices?

Norquist Loses His Grip


And his stealth Islamist agenda also loses influence.