House Border Crisis Plan: DOA


For the Left, maintaining the chaos is preferable to the solution.

ObamaCare’s Murky Future


The unpopular law narrowly avoids a disastrous blow — but for how long?

Texas to Take Action on Obama’s Border Crisis


Gov. Perry sends a message to Central America — and the White House.

Atrocity Over Ukraine

APTOPIX Ukraine Plane-2

A surface-to-air missile massacres 295 people on a Malaysia Airlines jetliner.

Dinesh D’Souza Tells the True Story of America


“America” demolishes the Left’s false narrative of the United States.

The Obama Administration’s Human Trafficking


U.S. Border Patrol takes over where the human smugglers leave off.

Obama Fundraises as the Border Disintegrates


The president’s two-faced game of decrying the border crisis while making it worse.

Part-Time Nation

Fast Food Freebies

A deceptive jobs report obscures the dark truth about the Obama economy.

ObamaCare: A ‘Signature Achievement’ of Unaccountable Bureaucracy

Obamacare Expedited Bid Process Limited Who Could Build Website

Massive amounts of “inconsistent data” remain irreconcilable.

The VA Scandal Gets Deadlier


A report by Sen. Tom Coburn reveals the disturbing truth.