Hollywood Blames Guns, Americans Blame Hollywood


For Americans, parenting, mental illness and media top the list for causes of gun violence.

The Tarnished Globes


Why red state America hates Hollywood.

Current TV Bought By Al Jazeera


What if the Nazis had bought NBC?

Hollywood Producer: John Wilkes Booth a “Poster Child for the Tea Party”


Hollywood leftists say they hate bullies. Too bad they are bullies.

Conservatives Triumph at the Box Office


When Hollywood bets big, it bets on traditional values.

The Best and Worst Political Movies of 2012


Fracking horrible.

Jamie “Kill all the White People” Foxx Blasts Hollywood Violence


But the celebrity class is guilty of much more than Foxx admits.

Jamie Foxx Celebrates Murdering ‘All the White People’


Why white liberals cheer jokes about their demise.

Where Would Rapper Psy Be Without the U.S. Military?


Three inches shorter and living in a gulag.

Stevie Wonder Succumbs to Anti-Israel Hate Campaign

Stevie Wonder will not be performing at Friends of the Israel Defence Forces' gala benefit.

The Left scores another blood libel victory.