To the Left, Lying About Rape Is Just Dandy

UVa Fraternity

How Lena Dunham and the Rolling Stone do harm to actual rape victims.

The Real Racist Conspiracy In Ferguson


The disturbing level of community deceit that led to the false story of Michael Brown’s death.

The Ferguson Days of Rage


Why violence will be the outcome in the St. Louis suburb whether Wilson is indicted or not.

Lessons for the GOP for 2016

As Deadline On Debt Reduction Impasse Looms, Super Committee Meets Over Weekend

An electoral ray of sunshine that could easily fade into a failed opportunity.

Turn Down for What?


Why the freedom from consequences promised by the Left isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

Why Republicans Don’t Get It

Americans Go To The Polls To Elect The Next U.S. President

The folly of sidelining the conservative base.

A Bowla Ebola Idiocy


Why NBC’s Nancy Snyderman violated her quarantine to quell a soup craving.

Rise of the Barbarians


America’s crisis of masculinity and its dangerous consequences.

The Throat-Clearing President vs. the Throat-Cutting Terrorists

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.29.25 AM

Obama’s foreign policy of empty threats and pathetic wheedling.

Obama’s 15 Worst Moments At The UN


Moronic platitudes, internal contradictions, and morally disgusting sentiments.