Lessons for the GOP for 2016

As Deadline On Debt Reduction Impasse Looms, Super Committee Meets Over Weekend

An electoral ray of sunshine that could easily fade into a failed opportunity.

Turn Down for What?


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Why Republicans Don’t Get It

Americans Go To The Polls To Elect The Next U.S. President

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Why NBC’s Nancy Snyderman violated her quarantine to quell a soup craving.

Rise of the Barbarians


America’s crisis of masculinity and its dangerous consequences.

The Throat-Clearing President vs. the Throat-Cutting Terrorists

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.29.25 AM

Obama’s foreign policy of empty threats and pathetic wheedling.

Obama’s 15 Worst Moments At The UN


Moronic platitudes, internal contradictions, and morally disgusting sentiments.

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The Global Map, 2017


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