Bloodguilt Over Jews Leads to Blood Libels Against Jews


What better way to relieve national guilt for the Holocaust than turning Jews into the villains?

Never Let a Self-Produced Horror Show Go to Waste


Now that the Left has hobbled the immigration system, it’s time for it to strike.

The Jew-Hating Obama Administration

US President Barack Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The White House’s cruel indifference to the murder of a Jewish American teen.

Welcome to the Executive Dictatorship


America’s elected tyranny.

David Horowitz Freedom Center Launches


Our new site will expose stories the mainstream media won’t about Israel and its enemies – and will call its enemies by their right names.

Prosecute the President


When impeachment is no longer an option.

Does Obama Care About the Troops?


America’s photo-op Commander-in-Chief.

Will Detroit Be Healed by Searching for ‘Subtle Racism’?


Denial and destruction in a once-great American city.

How the West Won the Great Hashtag War of 2014


Fighting evil by “raising awareness.”

Why Conservatives Win Elections and Lose the War

Occupy Wall Street supporters march call

How the Right is sowing the seeds of its own demise.