Fame Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry


Madonna goes mainstream, M.I.A. goes fringe.

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The Great Insider-Outsider


Just who is Dick Cheney?

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What Leftists Will Never Understand


Final thoughts about the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

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The Desperation of Media Matters


How a blatant political agenda is camouflaged as a concern about “media disinformation.”

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Obama’s Final Argument: Republicans Are Poopheads

Michelle Obama

The president personalizes, polarizes and destroys.

Running Scared on Same-Sex Marriage


Why the argument for same-sex marriage is actually more dangerous than same-sex marriage itself.

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Punishing the Wealthy in Obama’s World


The true reason the Left wants to eat the rich.

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About the Birth Certificate


Will digging in Kenya and Indonesia solve a problem that starts right here on our own soil?

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How Liberalism Will Kill Google and Facebook


What happens to American businesses when they dance to the tune of the government flute.

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Obama’s Happy Depression


Whistling past the graveyard of our economic prosperity.

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